Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book Haul: Johanna Lindsey/Judith Mcnaught/Jude Deveraux

I went to the Old Book House in Khadda Market (Phase 5, DHA, karachi) yesterday and took a bunch of books with me planning to sell or exchange.

Mostly they were the novels I had read and not really liked that much so I thought I'd just find out if they'd buy them from me or exchange in return for some other books. 

They have a hugh variety of reading material; from magazines to general knowledge to fiction/romance/course books, you name it and its there!

Luckily they had the exchange policy, I was told that they would take each book for Rs.45 (yayy!!) and altogether I got a total of Rs.310 to shop for other books. I got myself three books each worth Rs.95!

I looked around and knew what I had to get, I've recently started reading Johanna Lindsey and her stories are so genuinely refreshing and romantic;). Her characters are literally 'Alive' and her knowledge of the places and cultures she writes about is absolutely amazing. I particularly love her stories from the Regency England.

Fortunately i found two of her books; "Say you love me" and " Keeper of the Heart" to add to my growing collection of her books. Publishers are Avon books.

The third book is a four in one from two bestselling authors Judith Mcnaught and Jude Deveraux and its name is "Simple Gift". It has four christmas tales, two by each author;  "Just Curious" and "Change of Heart" are by Jude Devereaux and "Miracles" and "Double Exposure" is by Judith Mcnaught and as the back of the book says "a perfect treat for every romantic at heart...". The publisher is Pocket books.

A look at the covers...

If you want me to review any of these let me know and I'll oblidge:)

Rakhshan xx


  1. hey i go to khadda market often enough since my tailor is there but haven't come across an old book shop...will look for it now...
    Its good to know they have exchange policy....i'll fish out books that i have read or reread and never want to lay my eyes on again...so its a good thing abt exchange policy...tell me would they take my BCS and MBA course books, 'coz after towing them around for four years i don't think i would need them in any way!!!!

    btw Once you are through these novels...i'd very much appreciate a review!!!

    keep updating me on books and i'll love you more than ever ;)

  2. its easy to locate, its at the start of the lane before the OPTP lane when you go from the Gizri side!
    i'm not sure about the course books because of the edition thing!
    sure hun i'll review soon and the best book!

  3. Woahh they exchange books also? how cool. i'll try that next time :)

  4. @Madam Hot lips
    excellent deal isn't it:)


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