Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cleopatra-Luscious Diamond finish nail lacquer [Review+Nail of the Day]

I bring you my first ever review :) and my Nail Of The Day [NOTD] which tells you what nail polish I'm wearing today. 

Today I'm wearing Cleopatra-Luscious Diamond finish nail lacquer and it's especially for all those lovelies who like to paint their nails in gorgeous glittery colors! 

These Diamond Finish Nail Lacquers by Luscious have two types of finishes, the Creme finish, and the Frosted finish. Cleopatra is a liquid metallic gold in frosted finish. They have 13 amazing shades in this range. 

It comes in a 15 ml. rounded glass bottle that has a black lid. Prior to use I shake the bottle, in order to let the color blend well, the lid/brush is easy to screw open.


The nail polish is fairly easy to apply, it goes on smooth and even. It takes some time to dry which is slightly annoying but that is probably due to the frosted finish so you have to be patient with that and let it sit for a good 5 minutes. Although one coat is usually adequate, for a darker sheen I had to apply two.  It lasts for a good while. 

The brush is good, again because of the frosted finish the consistency of the nail polish is a little thick and it may get stickier if not applied gingerly.

Rating: 9/10

Price: Rs 225 

Package Quality: 9/10

Verdict:I would definitely buy this product again!

Luscious has free shipping nationwide and they also ship internationally. Available in all superstores across Pakistan.
They can also be found on facebook and twitter.

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  1. i juxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love love love nail colorxxxxxxx!!!!!!

  2. yeah:) did u check out the color studio professional range that was recently launched in karachi/pakistan?
    it has amazing colors, i bought some will do a review soon!
    keep visiting xx

  3. gorgeous color :) thanks for following and commenting on my blog. I'm your new follower now xoxox

  4. Very beautiful color , Thanks for sharing :)

  5. great review. Lovely gold shade. I love reading luscious reviews.It's an amazing brand with dupes for many high end cosmetics. I really want to get dreams lipstick. Nayab did a review and it's a lovely nude. if interested here's the link to that review.

  6. woww this is what i looking for thank you girl :)

  7. @pandora
    just checked out the review by nayab! the lippie looks great! have to check it out now:)

  8. @sadee
    You're Welcome Sweets xx


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