Saturday, August 27, 2011

Color Studio Professional Nail Polish "TANGO" NOTD+ Review+a Tour of the stall at Park Towers Karachi

Yesterday I went to Park Towers to visit the Color Studio Professional Stall that had been put for the launch of the brand here in Karachi. 

What they say about themselves:

Color Studio Professional is a global cosmetics brand dedicated to providing high quality, feel good products to women worldwide. Designed and developed in Italy, the Color Studio Professional makeup line is based on modern trends in the fashion and design industries. Milan has long been a fashion hub and is the inspiration behind Color Studio Professional. We use patented ingredients to develop fabulous custom design colors suitable for all skin tones.

Innovation is integral to the Color Studio Professional philosophy. We utilize vitamins, minerals and various beneficial natural and synthetic ingredients as the foundation of our feel good cosmetics line. Our focus is on R&D to develop high quality products that are eco-friendly and are easy to apply. We also follow a strict policy against animal testing so no worries there!

They had nail polishes and Lip Glosses displayed, would be bringing out more makeup stuff shortly I was told! 
Take a look at all the pretty Nail colors !

 I bought myself a silvery mauve color called 'Tango' :

Take a look at the applicator brush, good size and graspable!

PACKAGING:It comes in a 11 ml. cylindrical glass bottle that has a black lid/brush which is easy to screw open.
Here's my NOTD with this color, pretty isn't it?:)


Easy to apply, flowy and smooth application. It has a good thick consistency and covers the nail completely in two strokes, dries fairly quickly [which is a plus for me in a nail polish because whenever I'm getting ready to go somewhere I apply the nail color in the end and so i need it to dry quick!]. It lasts for a good while, takes a good 4-5 days to start chipping from the tip!

Rating: 8/10

Price: Rs 250 

Package Quality: 8/10

Verdict:I would definitely buy this product again!


They can also be found on Facebook

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  1. Great tour :) Thats a pretty color on ur nails :)

  2. Wow:) lovelyyyyy...Asma

  3. They sure have an amazing collection. We don't have Color Studio here yet otherwise I would have gotten myself some too. :/ 'Tango' is very classy. Great swatch.

  4. Amz is that u? why anonymous:) lols

    @Shang thanx:) great to see u here! xx

  5. hello honey, thanks for visiting my blog & leaving sweet words, so nice of you!!
    i always like to read make up & beauty blogs, its an easy way to know about products via their reviews!!
    keep sharing & enjoy *(*

  6. Enjoyed the tour with you. :) Great swatch by the way. <3

  7. @creative mind Thanx a lot for visiting:)

    @sara Thanx means so much coming from you:)


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