Monday, August 29, 2011

Henna Fever with Eid around the corner!!

With Eid around the corner, the Henna/Mehendi fever takes the form of an epidemic! They appeal to women of all ages especially the young and little girls. You can buy a mehendi cone from bazaar; it ranges from Rs. 10 to 60 and do various designs yourself or get a professional mehendi artist to do it for you and pay them, it can cost from Rs.100 to 150 per design.

Making intricate and beautiful mehendi designs is no mean feat, it requires good eyesight, a stable hand and stamina for sitting long hours creating works of arts over the various body parts especially hands and feet, of their clients.

I also happen to love it, i can make a few designs too:P luckily I got hold of a girl who does really nice mehendi designs and got her to do some of them for me! 

The relatively new variant is this black color mehendi that you can see in the picture, it's texture is slightly different from the common mehendi, kind of more like a thick ink with a dark black color. When it is applied in collaboration with the common mehendi the finished result is absolutely beautiful and stays so for 3-4 days at least! BUT it is expensive, the cones are for Rs. 100 and designs are made for Rs.200! at least that was what i was charged!

So what about you all, anyone who's a 'henna' person like me?
what are your mehendi plans on this Eid?


  1. Lovely Post . Eid Mubarik to you :)

  2. thanx a lot :) eid mubarak to u too!

  3. Omg :O wowww very beautiful :) no words happy eid

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  4. thanx sadee! :) great to see u here! Having some problem with my blogger,watch out for me i'd be following u soon xx


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