Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hot Spring/Summer trend this year!!

Let's check out a smokin' hot new look that has been gracing the fashion runways this summer! 

guess what could it be??? 
OMG i'm totally amazed you were able to guess:P or is it that obvious!! 
yes the hot Orange Lips!!!

Hollywood celebrities are reaching for this year's spring/summer's hottest beauty trend.
Scarlet Johansen matches coral lips with her bright orange outfit and makes a bold statement, not bad eh?! 

Rachel McAdams, Chloƫ Sevigny and Dannii Minogue are all sporting different shades of the color and rocked the hue in recent appearances.

McAdams chose to play it much softer, while Sevigny and Minogue pulled off bright orange pouts fabulously!! what do u think?!

 Models at Marc by Marc Jacobs carry off different shades of orange from hot to bright and deep!

At New York Fashion Week, bright orange lipstick literally popped off the runway making a statement that was fun, flirty and fresh.

Mandy Moore looks ethereal donning a softer orange, with a muted sheer coral cream that perfectly balanced out lightly flushed cheeks and her sexily lined smoky eyes.

My personal favorite is this look by Iman Ali who rocks the bright orange lips with the teal Asim Jofa eid collection 2011 outfit.

So how to wear Orange lipstick?

If u, like me, love that pop of citrus; you'll look fresh if you pair it with a squeaky-clean face -- stick to light-weight foundation, tons of black mascara and defined eyebrows to balance things out.

To achieve a long-lasting matte finish, most makeup artists first apply a lip base like concealer followed by matte lip color, and then blot the color with either translucent or even orange-colored powder. 

I'm all set to don this lavish lip color this summer! 
What do u think?


  1. ah i guess it all depends on how confident u feel in carrying a color this bold....for my skin tone nothing except shades of brown n mauve other words i fear trying out bold colors..... orange is a definite no-no.....

    btw i personally feel that Mandy Moore and Iman Ali look best with all the orange pouts you've put up!!

  2. It is indeed a very BOLD color to pull off. But it's always good to try something new. :)

  3. @Sanzy and Sara
    trust me i was equally scared of going for such bold colors.. only until recently have i gathered the courage to experiment with them!


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