Monday, October 17, 2011

0 Ivory, My shade in Luscious Foundation Stick [Review+Photos]

A perfect base is very essential for flawless make up and YOUR ideal foundation is one that disappears on your skin when you apply it because testing a foundation is possibly the toughest part. I mean finding your exact match is kind of tricky. To get an idea of the foundation shade whether it matches your skin tone or not, you can test it on the back of your hand,your wrist or your jaw liner and choose the tone closest to your skin tone according to the coverage you require.

Today I bring you the Luscious Foundation Stick that was recently launched; around Eid-ul-Fitr this year I think! 

About the Brand Luscious Cosmetics:
Luscious is a brand every Pakistani can be proud of, the first affordable cosmetic brand that has luxury products of high quality.

What They Say About Themselves:
Luscious Cosmetics is a beauty brand offering luxury quality products with innovative formulas and glamorous packaging. Our products are formulated especially for South Asian skin tones while following global fashion trends and cutting-edge technology. Since its launch in 2007 Luscious Cosmetics has gained a cult following among celebrities and makeup addicts alike, attaining the status of one of the largest selling beauty brands in South Asia. 

Product Claim "Luscious Foundation Stick "(as per the website):
A revolutionary Brightening Cream Foundation infused with Licorice extract for a visibly fairer complexion, this ultra-smooth and lightweight formula provides a soft matte finish.

Designed for easy application and adjustable coverage, the creamy formula effortlessly glides across your skin for a long lasting, radiant result. Makes your skin feel pampered and velvety while covering dark areas and blemishes for a perfectly skin tone. Dermatologist Tested. Suitable for all skin types, except extremely oily skin.

The Foundation Stick in 0 Ivory comes in a cylindrical metallic container with a metallic cap, the product rolls out when the bottom is twisted. I quite like the packaging because its small, simple and sleek. Easy to carry around, you can simply toss it in your handbag or put in your makeup bag; its small enough to fit in there as well!

The texture of the foundation is creamy and smooth. Solid to creamy foundation gives balanced coverage–not too sheer, nor too cake-y. As per the product claim the coverage is adjustable; you can add more layers if you want! 
The price is PKR 850 for 9g of product.

Shades available:
0 Ivory, 1 Creamy Ivory , 1.5 Natural Beige,2 Medium beige, 2.5 Golden beige

My color is 0 Ivory 

Here is the swatch on my skin in natural light

I blended it and it disappeared into my skin, take a look:


The texture of the foundation is creamy and smooth. It’s very light on the skin. Easy to hold container stick for easy application. It glides over the skin easily and smoothly. I dotted my face with it and blended it with my fingers. I apply my liquid foundations with a foundation brush which gives the perfect kind of airbrushed effect but haven't tried this one. You can try blending it with a sponge too!

The creamy texture of the foundation enables proper and flawless coverage, suitable for all skin tones, dry, oily and combination. My skin is normal to dry so this creamy foundation is perfect for me. It can be easily removed with any standard makeup remover or oil such as Baby oil or Olive oil. Has no scent.

Here is the swatch on my skin with Flash

After blending it

Why should you buy the Luscious Foundation Stick :
  1. The price of the Luscious Foundation Stick is affordable.
  2. Handy packaging.
  3. The texture of the foundation is super creamy which makes its appropriate for blending properly.
  4. It literally vanishes on your skin when you choose the correct one to match your skin tone, giving it a flawless finish.
  5. Although the texture of the Luscious Foundation Stick in 0 Ivory is creamy, it does NOT give a cake-y finish to the skin.
  6. Good staying power
  7. It’s very light on the skin.
The Downside:
  1. The range of colors is limited.
  2. It may be too sheer for some people.
  3. The quantity of the product is less:(

I'll definitely buy this product again because I've used it so much I'm already running out!

If you're interested, it is available at all supermarkets and cosmetics shops across the country and at the Luscious website HERE they deliver all over Pakistan.

Some Tips on Flawless Foundation Application:

If you want your foundation to appear flawless, always remember to use a moisturizer first. This will prevent patchy or cakey application. If you have a super oily skin, rub an ice cube on your skin or spray some water before starting your foundation application. This enables flawless application and a perfect finish.

Have fun with it ladies!

Tell me what you think?
This was a PR sample for review and I've given my honest views about it.


  1. This looks great! Seems to blend in pretty well too x

  2. This looks nice to me i use kryolan TV paint but i will try this one for the change :)

  3. Great review. It looks like it's easy to blend and isn't too cakey. I may try it out :) x

  4. @makeupmonologue
    yes it does,blends easily unlike other such stick foundations:)

    kryolan tv paint stick is very dry and when i used it previously i had to apply a moisturizer first but the luscious stick isn't dry like that, it suits my skin type fabulously! do try it hun:)

    yep do try:)

  5. Dude!1it is such an awesome review..It answered all my queries about about a stick ..ty

  6. Is it easily blendable with your hands only? I haven't really had the best of experinces with stick foundation :(

    Thansk for the review anyways :)

  7. @cheeky chic
    im glad it helped you :) x

    thanks babe xx

    yep, hands only, not even a sponge even on normal to dry skin like mine!:)

  8. Nice review! It's a good product, but as it is too creamy I think the product is too less for the people who will use it on daily basis.

  9. i already have it :)

  10. @rabeeyah
    my thoughts exactly! considering the number of times i've been applying it which is almost daily before going out,i'll have to buy myself another one soon:P

    thanx for stopping by:)

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  15. Rakhshi, is it available in Quetta Rakhshi? or i have to order online?

  16. @ nik
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    loved your outfits kate, thanx for stopping by!x

    thank u so much xx this is my first ever blog award u know! it makes me so happy! <333

  17. @sumaiyeh
    yep it is available in quetta, i've seen it at the Rooman store on Ainnuddin street but the prices are higher then the company price:/

  18. Great review :) I ll try that sometime soon :)

  19. This is a really good, thorough review and from your photos it looks like a great product. Wish it were available here :(

  20. great review.. Like ths foundation stick


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