Friday, October 7, 2011

Accessorize: 'From Russia with Love' coin purse, a current favorite of mine!

Accessorize has been my favorite brand for quite long and my joy had no bounds when I discovered they had launched in Karachi and Lahore, Pakistan. They have such fabulous items, my mouth waters literally whenever I enter their shop and look at all the colorful handbags, scarves,hats,shoes, jewellery etc.

The prices are in the high range but with their sale promotions they bring the stuff down to quite a moderate range!

One item that has become my absolute favorite is something that has not left my bag since I bought it !

The 'From Russia With Love' Novelty postcard/coin purse!

Design: St Petersburg Cathedral, Babushka Doll(Russian Nesting Dolls)
Embroidered writing:  'From Russia With Love'' and flowers
Dimentions:  W12cm x H9cm

The Back has a cute little red heart

Small enough to fit inside any standard sized bag or even a Clutch. You can keep some change into it; it can even serve as a mini wallet where you keep your credit/debit cards or some bills on a night out to keep them safe!

I absolutely love this little thingy:) maybe because I love collecting souvenirs and this looks like one from Russia! Love it <3 

Listed price is 8pounds on Accessorize website and their sale price is 4pounds, I got it from Park Towers outlet for PKR 312 in the local sale! how cool is that?:)

Check out their website:
They can be found on Facebook too

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  1. Awwww! This is soooo cute. I want :)

  2. its very cool man and the price is not that much considering it comes from 'accessorize' !!

  3. @pandora my thoughts exactly when i first saw it:)

  4. @sanzy haan na,the prices are quite reasonable in the local sale but the good stuff sells out pretty fast thats why i grabbed it quickly:)


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