Sunday, October 23, 2011

BeautyUk "Day and Night" palette [Review+Swatches]

This BeautyUk Eye Shadow Collection palette is called 'Day and Night' and I want to show you some swatches of the colors and share with you my views about it.

I got this palette as my prize in the Areej Usman's Eid Giveaway this past Eid [ muchos love to her] and I've come to love it! This was my first product of beautyUk's and has made me a loyal customer now.

What BeautyUk says about their Eye shadow palettes:
Make a fresh statement everyday with our best selling 10 eye shadow combo palettes - We all love beautyuk eye palettes with their brilliant colours all nicely arranged in a cool case. We've even added a dual use, double ended applicator so you can make twice as many statements as before!

The palette comes in a small black plastic rectangular case with a transparent lid. It has 10 eye shadows ,and a thin rectangular mirror over which a dual-ended applicator brush is placed. 
It's quite small in size actually, hardly about 5' x 3.5' which makes it very easy to carry around in your handbag or even your makeup bag for a girls night out.

This palette has been appropriately named the 'Day and Night' palette because it has the everyday colors that are - beiges, browns, the basic black and white, while the other half of the palette is brights - hot pinks, purple, blue, and yellow. These are the basic colors that are needed if you want to create a day look or the darker sultry tones if you want to go for a smokey eye at night; The six colors on the left [I've marked them in the picture below] are shimmery except for the black which is matte and the four on the right are matte. 

The colors are quite decently pigmented. For some reason I find the shimmery ones to be more pigmented. They are velvety in texture and can be applied smoothly, the color appears on the first stroke, stays put, and lasted for  about 5-6 hours on me! The white one in the top-left corner works as a great highlighter for the brow-bone, the neutral beige is a skin toned color next to it works good as an overall blender and corrector if you want to soften any harsh lines in your eye look.
The matte ones are comparatively very sheer especially the baby pink in the top-right corner, it takes the longest to build up!
Beware of fall-outs! which may get irksome especially if you apply your foundation before your eye makeup; some colors more so than the others maybe because of the difference in texture. 
The dual ends of the applicator provided are spongy, they work well with the colors but I used my flat stiff brush[ like MAC 239 brush ] for application.
Any standard makeup remover works just fine on these shades.

[Here is a closer shot of the colors in the palette]

[Take a look at the swatches of the shades on my skin]
Top Row (L-R): shimmery white, shimmery neutral beige ,shimmery lime yellow, matte sky blue, matte light pink
Bottom Row (L-R): Matte Black, shimmery brown, shimmery maroon, matte violet purple, matte hot pink 

Why should you buy it :
    • Has all basic colors required to create a look in one petite compact.
    • Includes both shimmery and matte shades.
    • Shadows stay put and last longer.
    • Decently priced.

    Why should you leave it :
    • If you'd rather avoid fallout.
    • The matte colors seem too sheer to you.


    Overall I really like it and I want to try the other similar combo palettes of BeautyUk as well!

    Price and Availability:
    The listed price is £3.99 on the BeautyUk website. 
    You can find it on the website as well for PKR 750.

    Tell me what you think?


    1. nice review i have the twilight palette

    2. The pallete looks great, bad that you have to build up the light colors.

    3. Wow that was fairly decent review..Covered up pretty much everything .thanks<3

    4. Nice review. I like this palette, it's like a water color box :D But, I have never used it that much.

    5. Thanks for the wonderful review. xx :)

    6. This palette has such a variety of colours! Great review :) I don't like fall outs but anyway I might try it if I come across it!

    7. honest review ... like it <3 :)

    8. @sadee
      thanx darlin' :)

      yep that's a major downside to it!

      @cheeky chic
      your welcome babe! and thanks a lot:) x

      thanks :) you should defo take it out and try some looks!

      anytime:) x

      thank you so much:)do try it out, its good stuff and comes in cheap! x

      thanks sweets:) x

    9. Great review. The shades are lovely. ^^

    10. Loving the brights, especially yellow and turquoise. Do you think it will suit any skin tone?

    11. Loving the brights, especially yellow and turquoise. Do you think it will suit any skin tone?

    12. They look bright and nice. Never tried this product either.

    13. Great review, thanks for sharing! :)

    14. @Shang

      when i did a look with these i mixed the two up, the yellow and blue n it turned out a pretty peacock blue:) yes it would suit, depends entirely oh how u apply it:) x

      yes a bright n cheery palette! thanx for visiting :) xx

      @pyari beauty
      thanx love:) x

      thank you sweets :) x

    15. I love this palette, the colours are great and easy to use:)

      Just followed you!

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