Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Call for All the Beauty Bloggers of Karachi!!

Hello all my lovely blogging Mates!!:)
We are planning to arrange a Blogger lunch for the beauty bloggers in Karachi! 
Whether you write a blog yourself or have teamed up with your mates to write one, all of you are invited!

Aim of the Event:
  • To get to know the faces behind the blogs by meeting in person! 
  • To bring the bloggers together with the aim of us learning from eachother!
If you would like to join us please leave in a comment below confirming your attendance or otherwise! Please let us know your decision on our event page on facebook Here.
As I get your confirmations I'll add the links of blogs attending the gathering, and confirm the time and place!

I hope to see you there. 



  • November 13, 2011 has been decided the date for the blogger lunch. Please mark your calenders ladies. 
  • I would email the location to all the attendees once everybody confirms.

Bloggers attending:


  1. I am in!! Pls keep it on a Weekend

  2. hey, i am blogger from karachi, www.kirfan.com here is my blog.
    interested to join you guys at lunch/dinner and to share experience and thoughts, would it work for me to join you guys ?

  3. I so wish I was in KHI..You lucky Gals!!

  4. Rakhshanda, I can not find FOLLOW button on your page?

  5. @ruqaiya
    added babe;)

    @Khalid Irfan
    thank you for your interest Khalid, this is a beauty bloggers get-togather ONLY! otherwise we would have loved to have you join us!


    @cheeky chic
    u girls should make an effort and set up a meet-up too:)

    Im glad u found it at last!:)

  6. I'd love to go too. Please let me know what you decide ESP the venue :)

  7. I would love to come..but my dads coming tomorrow, so i have to give ALL MY TIME to him!

  8. @sara
    i will as soon as i get confirmations from all:)

    isn't it?:) hope all goes as planned!

    aww!have fun with your daddy girl!:)

  9. Hi Rakhshan, this sounds like such a brilliant idea. Can't wait to hear about it & see the pics. Wish I lived nearly to attend :)
    First & Last time I visited Karachi was when I was 8.

  10. Awww lucky you guys :) but i'm in lahore :)

  11. Put me down as a maybe! For me the time and place decides =) Great Idea Rakhshan!


  12. this is sooo amazing!!!...I would love to come.

  13. I have an aptitude test on 30th october. Can't make it :(

  14. @Sam
    wish u were here!would have absolutely loved to meet up with u:)

    u lahoris should hold one such event next!:)

    sure girl! the more the merrier :) would love to have you. have posted the date check back for the venue details!

    great!:) i'll update the place asap

    its on nov 13th now!:)

  15. This is an awesome idea!!! :D
    Would love to meet all of you :)

  16. @sidrah
    ofcourse sweets:) x

    brilliant! :) am adding your link x

  17. Gah ! i wish i lived in khi. have fun girlies and take LOADS of pics

  18. wish i could join in =( but got to go at a frnds bday lunch...=((( and im sad tht i hav already promised her before..

  19. Hi

    I am running My khimerz Blog , Its online fashion blog

    I want to attend meeting my blog link is blog.khimerz.com


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