Sunday, October 2, 2011

I won Areej Usman's Eid Giveaway and here's my Prize!!

Guess what?! I won Areej Usman's Eid Giveaway and now I'm the proud owner of BeauyUk Day and Night Palette and two BeautyUk nail polishes!!

I received my goodies via courier and thought to share with you my fantabulous prize!:)

A lovely note from Areej herself <3 !

And here comes my favorite part; the unpackaging of the BeautyUk Day and Night palette!

Take a look at the exquisite colors!

The steel gray nail polish is #40 and the deep purple is #64 

I'll review these beauties soon:)

R <3


  1. Happy to know that u liked the goodies :)

  2. i sure did:) who wouldnt?! beautyUk has such amazing products!

  3. Lucky you .. I never won a dime ..

  4. @cheeky
    lols it was my first ever win which made it so wonderful!!

  5. yeah it sure is a memory ..cheers


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