Thursday, October 13, 2011

Make Up Haul + Swatches [drugstore products]

Some drugstore makeup items that I recently purchased are: [and all have so far satisfied me with the value for money that i got in return:)] 

1. A Nail buffer Block. 
2. Foundation brush from Clazona no:6  
3. Becute Glitter Style NO 14 eye pencil 
4. Becute single color eyeshadow no: ES15  
5. A dual ended brush, with a flat stiff brush on one end and an angular brush on the other by Malijiaer no: 535  
6. Maybelline New York Sky High Curves Mascara in Infinite Black.

[A 6-Step Nail Buffer Block!!]

[with super smooth bristles for a super smooth foundation application]

[here's a swatch]

[This looks awesome as a blush I've been using it since and getting compliments:) ]

[here's a swatch] 

[ I am amazed at the top quality and cheap price of this tool! PKR 70 only!]

[I got this at a cheaper rate which makes me so happy, listed price $7.99, I got it for PKR 560 which makes $6.45 :) I heard this has been discontinued by Maybelline, but is still available in some online makeup stores!]
Tell me what you think guys:)



  1. Nice haul>Love to know what you think of the maybelline mascara:)

  2. Just subscribed :) All the things look really good . Can you please do a post about nail-care ? coz my nails always break .

  3. O gwash i love the dual eye brush .. i was looking out for it at diff places ..u lucky gal.becute's stuff seems nice too.will def try the blusher

  4. Some great bargains. :)

    Where did you get the blush & brush from? x

  5. @areej thanx:)

    @shahtaj would do a review on it soon:)

    @Faiza thanx a post on nail care is lined up:)

    @cheeky chic its a fabulous brush! im totally in love with it, i can get it for u if u want:)

    @Pyari beauty yep:) i got them from my hometown at a local department store:)

  6. Aww u r sweet ..thanks a lot .. i d try to get my hands on it someday now that i know it is available at drugstors .wish me luck

  7. hey gal remove word verification from comments, so you will have more comments, i m sure..
    don't you know about lazy people..hahaha
    mazy karo :)

  8. i use to love maybelline's sky high mascara! Have great memories attached to it :)
    Anyways, love ur bargain shopping..i love drug store makeup!!

  9. @creative mind
    oops! i dint even know i had word verification on my comments, i hate it too :P removed it now, thanx so much for telling me dearest:) x

  10. @ruqaiya
    me too:) thanx for stopping by! xx


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