Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My MakeUp Travel Case

hey dolls
As you all know that this past month I've been on the move a lot which means tons of packing and unpacking, I went from Karachi to Quetta to Lahore. back to Quetta and then Karachi, the trip to Lahore was a short one for four days so I had to pack light, Quetta stay was for a month so had to pack substantially, anyways the difficult part for me is packing my makeup bag.

Recently I've pretty much organized myself so I thought I would share with you how I pack my makeup travel case and give you some tips on how easy it can be for you to prevent rummaging around in your baggage/luggage for all of a girl's important stuff;)

I carry my vanity case with me to prevent damaging the breakable items, most of the time I'd put it inside my suitcase because it fits nicely inside a standard sized suitcase otherwise I can take it with me as a hand carry item as well!

'A peek inside my vanity case' would be an upcoming post soon but at the moment I wont go into that. 

My organization tips:

1: Sort all your makeup items into
    Pencils (eye & lip)
    Foundation/face powder/compact powder
    Blushes/bronzer/contouring blush/highlighter
    Eye liner/mascara/lash curler/kajal

2: Get yourself some transparent bags and zip locks from your local stationary shop for each of the above item categories, sizes of the bags depend upon the number of items you want to take with you while travelling. I have three standard ziplocks and four big ziplocks with the steel zip. 

3. Put all your stuff inside those ziplocks and tuck them away in your vanity case or any makeup bag you carry with you and you can even label these for quick access if you want to:) and vola!! you're all organized and good to go!!

Take a look at my travel case:

This is all the stuff that i carry with me when I travel. What's does your travel case look like?


  1. Thanks for the amazing tips! Really liked the way you pack your things :)

  2. You have organized them so well. Thanks for sharing such great ideas :) <3

  3. Wow! You are so organised lol. I wish I was half as neat at sorting stuff. I went to Quetta for a week last month too to visit family. I can't believe how cheap cosmetics are there compared to Islamabad.

  4. @Pandora thanks:) Yes its a big plus for the Quettians! i hauled a lot of stuff this time too, would share soon!

  5. very got to be a very good makeup artist to be carrying so many makeup stuff but as for me i try to make do with whatever i have at hand and get away with it...i wouldn't know the difference anyway:p... I cram all my eye pencils, lip pencils, lipsticks, nail polishes and other such stuff in a small case and carry the pallettes seperately:D
    My eldest sis though is very good at makeup and has a huge collection of pallettes and lipsticks shimmers, and what not and her makeup bag is a huge one!!!

  6. @sanzy lols i was like that cramming stuff in one makeup bag and then rummaging around in frustration and not finding things! thats when i started to organize things(overall not just makeup) and it helps so much:)

  7. Wow you're so organized. I should take some tips from you.

    Btw does your makeup melt at all? If so how do you prevent this?

    Thanks :) x

  8. @pyari beauty
    thank you for visiting:)
    it does melt in very hot temperatures, i keep the plastic ziplocks with lipsticks/cream rouges/pencils etc in the refrigerator when i'm in hot and humid climates and that helps:)

  9. hello very nice :) can you plz tell me from where you got these plastic bags... also i wanna buy some good makeup travelling case or bags/pouches plz advice me where i can find in karachi ???

  10. @sahar
    you're welcome :)x

    thanx:) yes i got the plastic bags from Grocery n more store in phase 2 khayaban-e-jami, there's a stationary portion on the first floor which has these on the bottom shelf somewhere! costs pkr 20/bag!
    the travelling cases you can find at wrap n grab Park towers and Dolmen mall,EBH which has branches all over the city,Safron in Ashiana market near Forum!
    Hope this helps:)

  11. great post.... definitely help out others to manage their goodies


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