Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Series Of Posts Featuring Beauty Bloggers!

I'm starting a new series of posts that would be featuring beauty bloggers from around the world. I have prepared a list of twelve questions that the featured blogger would be answering. There would be a new blogger featured every week and i'll be putting up the post on the same day i-e Thursdays regularly! 

Here is the list of questions:
  1. Share your picture [Optional]
  2. Nickname?
  3. Five random facts about yourself?
  4. What brought you to blogging?
  5. Your Blogging Inspiration?[share link]
  6. Your best Blog Post to date?[share link]
  7. Book you're reading?
  8. You never leave home without?[share a picture]
  9. Your favorite pair of shoes that you own? [share a picture]
  10. Your best bag that you own?[share a picture]
  11. Your best outfit?[share a picture]
  12. Favorite song/movie these days?[share links]
Share your Blog/twitter/Facebook Links only, I will not accept any affiliate links or advertisements.

If anyone is interested to be featured in this series of regular posts please drop me an email at:
Tweet/DM on My Twitter RakhshansBlog

Tell me what you think?


  1. You sure know how to keep your readers interested, smarty-pants. ;) I'd love to read all about the featured bloggers.

  2. @rabeeyah

    thanks girls:) if you want to be featured, send me your emails!! xox

  3. @shang
    and we would love to read about you too girl :)

  4. Brilliant idea hun...its always nice learning things about other inspiring bloggers :)

  5. Brilliant idea hun...its always nice to learn things about other inspiring bloggers :)

  6. Loved the idea! ITs a great initiative Rakhshan! I am up for it!


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