Monday, October 31, 2011

NOTD- Estee Lauder Pink Clouds

My NOTD is a pretty peachy pink shimmery nail color by Estee Lauder, called "Pink Clouds". I have had a couple of their nail polishes for 3-4 years now and incredible as it may sound, they're still good as new! 

I love the bottle which is a glass square on the outside and circular on the inside where the nail polish is. They're quick-drying and long-lasting. This color looks more pink in the bottle but on nails is more peachy-pink. Price is $19, if you're interested in more shades check out the EsteeLauderWebsite

Love how super shiny it gets when the light hits it..

Tell me what you think?


  1. This is such a beautiful color, you have beautiful nails :)

  2. gorgeous shade :) looks a bit like Diva by Luscious

  3. such a pretty color, nice blog too :)) please follow back

  4. thanks ladies:) xx

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  5. Great color, very soft and subtle!!
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  6. such a beautiful color, that polish looks great on you :)
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  7. @fashion kats
    thanks alot:) xx

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