Friday, October 21, 2011

Random things to ramble about..

A series of posts that i'm starting soon would be My Top 5 things...
they can be any random stuff in a numbered list, the idea hit while I was making a list of things to do over the weekend in my agenda I thought I'd start a regular post about my top 5 things..that would be different in every post. Hope you find it interesting! 
I'd like to share some random thoughts with you in my post; Random things to ramble about. 

Today is my first post in this category:

  • My closet needs a massive cleaning and sorting-out spree! I have planned it out for this weekend, now that I have a new, bigger and spacious closet at my disposal! [yay] Understandably I'm in a fix, whether to hang my handbags or arrange them on the shelves there's too much room now and its making me indecisive:p but i dont know If i'd get the time or have the energy to actually go ahead and do it:/
  • I really want to watch the movie 'Nine'!! It stars Daniel Day-Lewis the epitome of Male gorgeousness! Its a musical-romantic film that stars seven female actors including Judi Drench, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Sophia Lauren, Stacey Ferguson and Marion Cotillard, it'll be showing on filmax in a while, better go check now! 
  • My sister has to leave for Melbourne via Karachi so would be paying me a visit, need to take her to one last bit of shopping and spend some girly time together if the little monsters of children that we have allowed us to!
  • I absolutely have to finish the Judith McNaught book that I have started reading, its called 'Double Exposure' that I bought in my recent book haul so I can go over to other books lying untouched on my book shelf. Blogging leaves me no time for anything else, its so utterly time consuming but I love it nonetheless.
  • I plan to order some 14th street pizza, the new hype in town, actually I got to taste it last weekend and I must say even though I don't like the pizza from Pizza hut [no offense!] I really liked this one, the huge quadrants that make you feel you're about to burst when you're done with it; the thin crust makes it less filling and allows more flavor of the topping inside your mouth! Loved it:)
Enough of my random ramblings for now!
Tell me what you think?

P.S  Incase if anyone's wondering about the picture on top, it's one of the photos of Kate Winslet's  V magazine "Liz Taylor" photo shoot, dated October 1, 2011, she's so gorgeous love her!


  1. Damn interesting stuff.Kinda new year resolutions ..:D keep it up

  2. thanx sweets:) x
    yeah i defo plan to!

  3. Your closet organizing has inspired me to do something about my mess too. The only Judith Mcnaught book I have read is 'Paradise'. It was quite nice. I will check out 'Double exposure'. Thin pizzas are 'it' through and through. Thick crust was originated in the US to please the American palette. There is no such thing as a thick crust in Italy. Enjoyed reading your ramblings. Have a great day :)

  4. hi i just found your blog.
    you have a very nice blog :)
    now i'm following yours, would love if you following mine :)

  5. @pandora
    thank you so much for your lovely feedback:) x
    i would recommend you read 'Perfect' its her best book yet according to me;)
    yes xactly!! i was desperate for a truly italiano pizza that hangs down partly when you hold it in your hand and this 14th street one comes quite close to that!:)

  6. @rara
    thank you so much:) x
    im following you now via bloglovin :)

  7. Very interesting post. I have read so much of Judith McNaught, but somehow left 'Double Exposure'. I did read 'Double Standards' though. Looking forward to your next ramblings. ^^

  8. Good luck with your list of things to do.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your sister :) x

  9. @shanj
    double exposure is a novelette, its in a book of four short novels:) thanx for liking the post x

    @pyari beauty
    aww thank you:) she left last night for KL , miss her so much already!


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