Saturday, October 8, 2011

Twilight Breaking Dawn OST 'It will Rain!'

If you ever leave me, baby, leave some morphine at my door!


I just love this first line of the 'It will rain' song by Bruno Mars that has been contributed to Twilight-Breaking Dawn as a soundtrack!

Heard it on radio, googled it and thought I'd share with my lovelies ladies xx
I'm sure many of you are die-hard fans of the movie/books/Edward Cullen:P so this might interest you as Breaking Dawn is the most highly anticipated part of the epic twilight series;) 

I myself cannot wait for the movie to come out, the release dates are November 16, 2011 in the UK and November 18, 2011 in the US!!

Tell me what you think? :)

p.s Some eye candy;)


  1. Ahhhhh I'm your biggest fan now for posting this! Love the song? I wonder what scene they'll play this at? The waterfall scene maybe. OMG I CANT WAITTT!

  2. lols yeah thats my guess too, breaking dawn is my favorite book and i have a feeling it'll be the best movie among all the parts:)

  3. i loveeee it ... i have a twilight fever tahts why have created twilight albums on my fb page ... thnxx for sharing <3

  4. anytime hun:)
    nice albums just checked them out! x

  5. @ajmal
    couldn't bother joining?!!


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