Monday, November 7, 2011

Color Rush Lipsticks launch in Karachi and My Haul!

Color Studio Professional Launched their Color Rush Lipsticks in Karachi last Friday at Dolmen Mall Tariq road, Hyderi and Naheed Super Market, after their recent launch of Nail colors and Hyper Shine Lip glazes a few months back check Here

I went to Naheed Super Market on Saturday and bought some of their stuff. Here are some pictures of the stall:

oops! yep that's me trying to get a good shot with my phone!

Lovely vibrant colors as you can see, the introductory price is PKR 450, which is reasonable enough considering the quality and texture. 

I got myself two nail colors, the infamous 'Mojito' [which is close to becoming their bestseller] and 'Dynamite', a Color Rush lipstick in Tornado, a beautiful pinkish auburn color [I bought it especially for my giveaway:)] and got a Lip Glaze  "Night Out' FREE as part of their promotion; If you buy any three products of Color Studio you get a free Lip Glaze and of your own choice! How cool is that?

I wasn't too keen on 'Night Out' at first, the color seemed too bright for my taste but when I swatched it on top of a lipstick swatch it turned out to be super pretty closely resembling one of my Loreal glamshine lip glosses that I love!

If you're interested they can be found on Facebook also. 
Have you bought any of the Color Studio Professional items?


  1. Great haul! Can't wait to see the lip glaze and polishes swatched. The glaze especially looks like a really nice colour :-) xxx

  2. Great haul! Can't wait to see the lip glaze and polishes swatched. The glaze especially looks like a really nice colour :-) xxx

  3. The colour of that lipgloss looks pretty. Haven't seen this brand anywhere here before.

  4. Great stuff! Can't wait for the review on the lipstick :D

  5. The lipgloss looks so pretty!!! I love it.

    Id love for you to check out my blog and follow, let me know and Ill be sure to follow you back!


  6. niceeeeee stuff .. review pls :)

  7. Amazing stuff you have!
    Thanks for your comment dear and for following!
    I'm following you too :)

  8. Nice Post.....

    TO have a look at the swatches of all shades of Color Studio's Lipsticks go to the link below

  9. @cottoncandyink
    yes both are awesome:)

    i'll post the swatches soon:) x

    yes its all shimmer shimmer! really gorgeous:) its a canada based brand, check for reference

    its for my giveaway so can't show you the swatch :/

    @summer raye
    thanks:) following you now!

    yep:) soon x

    @fashion kats
    thanks babe!:)

    thanks! yep i checked out your post! genius idea of swatching them all!! loved it:)

  10. I want to try the lippies too :) great post!! <3

  11. Great post! Looks awesome! Thank you for following me, following you too xoxo

  12. thats absolutely great haul.i hope they are amazing

  13. swatches for the lip glaze and lipstick please!!

  14. @minza
    bet it does:)

    the lippies are smooth and moisturizing!:) x

    thanks:) happy following!!

    @cheeky chic
    yes they are all great! :) x

    @ruqaiya and sidra
    yep soon!!:) x

  15. I love the colour of the ligploss. Would love to see a review the products. x


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