Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Color Studio Professional Lip Glaze in "Night Out" [Review+Swatches]

'Night Out' is the color of the Hyper Shine LipGlaze I'm reviewing today by Color Studio Professional. These were launched in Karachi in August this year along with the Nail colors. They have a wide variety of colors with shimmer and solid matte colors.

What ColorStudioPro Has To Say:
Color Studio Professional Make Up Experts have created the perfect Lip Gloss called Hyper Shine Lip Glaze. The New Generation of Lip Gloss Sleek packaging and compact size a perfect accessory for any day
Hyper Shine & Hyper Color lasts for up to 2 hours, Reapply as needed.
Choose from 14 Fabulous Shades.
You can check out their website Here.

A squarish plastic tube with a black lid that has the Lip Glaze name on a sticker under the bar code as shown in the picture above and has a doe-foot applicator wand. Contains 7 ml of product.
Doe foot applicator wand

Review and Swatches:
This is a super shimmery Copper-ish color. Not totally sheer, well pigmented actually and quite pretty on its own! Builds up nicely if you want to have a solid opaque color. Has a scent to it, that's not very disturbing plus a slight synthetic taste as well. Sticky yes! I am yet to own a non-sticky lipgloss!
I don't know why but the wand doesn't pull out much product or maybe that's just me:/ I compared it with my Palladio Gloss which has the same kind of applicator but it fell short! 
I would not recommend this for day wear but it's bronze-y shimmer looks really gorgeous if worn at night just as the name implies; for weddings and formal dinners and parties etc 

Check out the swatches; in the second swatch I've paired it up with my favorite nude lipstick to show you how rich the color gets when a combination of both is used.

Natural light/Without Flash

L-R Rimmel Nude Delight lipstick, Color Studio Night Out OVER Nude Delight Lipstick, a single swipe of  Night Out and the last one is two swipes to show you the opacity. 

With Flash

Price and Availability:
I got this free as part of their promotion deal, the price is PKR 225 to 250. This is available in majority of the super stores in Karachi now, like Naheed Super Store, Dolmen Mall Tariq Road, Chase outlets and the newly opened Hyperstar Karachi. Also available at Hyperstar Lahore. 
You can order online at Khimerz Here 
They can be found on Facebook Here and the page for Pakistan Here .

Why you should buy it:
  • If you like shimmery glosses.
  • It stays put for almost 2 hours.
  • Wide array of colors to choose from.
  • Easily available.
  • Reasonable price.

Why you should leave it:
  • If you feel it's too shimmery for you.      

I have my eyes on two more colors in their range and I'm going to get them ASAP, I suggest you too go for these lovely lippies ladies:)

Tell me what you think girls?


  1. I'm going to have to say that coppers don't look that great on me. Nor does anything too shimmery. I prefer my eyes to sparkle over my lips. I do like that it stays on for at least 2 hours. Maybe I should look into this brand but more of a plum color. :)

  2. Hmm, that's a really nice shade and looks good quality. really wish I weren't that shimmery.
    Great review I must say.

  3. lovely shade! thanks for sharing :) <3

  4. This is such a BEAUTIFUL color. I have to get some Color studio glosses and lipsticks now :D

  5. Aw I wish I could wear nice warm shades like this, my skin's too pink though! Beautiful colours though, and you know what the consistency and packaging all look beautiful so maybe I could find the same product in a colour for me too! Thanks for sharing!

    Alexandra xo

  6. beautiful shade... love ur post <3

  7. lovely swatches :) I love shimmery glosses at night! They love fab!

  8. This lip glaze is perfect for a night out! I love that it's shimmery and that it's almost like a nude color. Thanks for the review, girl! :]

    P.S. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Of course, we can follow each other! I'm following you now.

    Lots of love, B
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  9. I was wondering what this colour swatched like when you showed it in your haul, and it is just SO nice! Good choice! xx


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