Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Featured Blogger Today 'RUQAIYA KHAN' from rK's Beauty and Fashion Blog!

Today the Beauty Blogger we have with us today is Ruqaiya Khan, the talent behind rK's Beauty and Fashion Blog.
Her blog posts are informative and interesting as she keeps the reader engaged from the beginning to end. Being a beauty with brains, Ruqaiya's a remarkable new entrant into the blogosphere and her fan base is growing rapidly as we speak!

So I present to you Ruqaiya from rK's beauty and Fashion Blog:


1. Nickname?

2. Five random facts about yourself:
  • I am a position holder from the most prestigious university in Pakistan. 
  • I love eating pasta and cheese and addicted to Top Chef and Master Chef.
  • I strongly believe in "less is more".
  • I love desi clothes: churidaar, long dupattas, chiffon gowns, banarsi gharara! I love everything that represents our culture.
  • I hated makeup when I was 16!!
3. What brought you to blogging?
I started blogging in August 2011/Ramadan, as I had some free time in the afternoon which was very difficult for me to spend while fasting. Besides, I always wanted a break from my schedule, so blogging about makeup, beauty and fashion allowed to to share my experience with products I use and to talk about things, I absolutely love. It makes me feel really good when people tell me, my posts have been helpful to them in choosing the right products and to get makeup ideas.

4. Your Blogging Inspiration?
My blogging inspiration is Michelle Phan. I have been following her for 3 years now and have learnt a lot form her vlogs. She's truly inspirational. You must check out her YT channel:

5. Your best Blog Post to date?
I love all my posts so each one of them is my favorite!

6. Book you're reading?
Urrmm..i havent read a book in 4 years! I had been such a geek at school that I never read any book besides my text books, research papers and case studies..urrmm boring!! Yeah, I know! :/

7. You never leave home without?
A lipstick! I love lippies and I feel they instantly brighten up my its the ONE product which is always with me.

8. Your favorite pair of shoes that you own? 
I did a post on my shoes earlier which I absolutely love. You can check them out here:

9. Your best bag that you own?
I love leather handbags. My favorite these days is this red leather bag from Jafferjees. I shall soon review it for you on my blog.

10. Your best outfit?
A gown and churidaar pajama for formal dinners and jeans and t-shirt on casual days.

11. Favorite song/movie these days?
I really liked watching the "Crazy, Stupid Love" recently.

I am a huge fan of Bryan Adams, Coke Studio and Rahat Fateh Ali and my iPod is full of their songs. Bryan Adam's "Cloud No. 9" and "Everything I do" are my all time favorites.

12. Share you Blog/Facebook/Twitter links!

Thanks for featuring on my blog series Ruqaiya!!

Make sure to check out, you'll love her blog work!:)

Do tell me what you think girls?

P.S If you also want to be featured here email me your answers/links and pictures at : :) x

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  1. Good post.It's Nice to know about Ruqaiya:-)

  2. Great post! I have the same kind of shoes. :D

    @Rakhshanda, I am SO lazy to take pictures of my shoes and bag, that I always forget to send you my details and on every Thursday I am like " Oh, I forgot again":D Sowiee

  3. It was nice knowing more about Ruqaiya <3 She is very talented and I wish her all the best! Loved the bag and those heels ^_^

  4. i love this post .. n Rks is def a talented girl .. best wishes to both of you <3

  5. She's so pretty! Great answers, I'm a huge Masterchef fan myself. I need to do some research on 'desi clothes' so I can find out more.

    Lovely pair of heels

  6. I love your red bag! Its so adorable, and I am thinking to watch Crazy Stupid Love! great post!

  7. Good to know about another beauty :) now going to check her place!!

  8. beautiful post!
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  9. hay nice meet you... great post :)

  10. Awesome Feature!

    Thank you so much for visiting my site and for leaving that awesome comment! I totally agree that we should follow each other. I would love to have you as the follower of the Style~ Spotlighted. And of course I will gladly and quickly follow you back :D

    Stay FABulous!

  11. Wow awesome interview! It's nice to meet such a lovely blogger :)

  12. nice meeting u girl :) All the best for everything.... !

  13. Hi hun, yes he is the same author, haven't gotten to read any of his books before.

  14. Lovely Blog Rakhshan <3 <3
    A new follower from xx

  15. oh she s so beautiful:-)
    nice post, gona check her blog out:-)

  16. I want to be featured here!

  17. i would love to be featured here too. wait for my details with all the Q&A and photos on your e-mail. i'll send them very soon. thanks by the way...

  18. It was nice knowing about you dear

  19. I love Cloud No.9 too - fantastic song! Going to check out her blog now :)


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