Thursday, November 3, 2011

Featured Blogger Today 'SAM' from Frills and Thrills!

Hello Ladies! My first post in the Featured Blogger series is right here:
Many thanks to Sam for taking time out of her busy schedule (and Exams!!!) to be my featured blogger here at Rakhshan's Blog! I'm so glad she shared a bit of herself with us. That's what I love about this new series of posts.. everyone's voice and insight is unique and you get to know the everyday stuff about them.

Presenting you SAM from Frills and Thrills:

1.Share your picture [Optional]...:)

Sam or Sami 

3.Five random facts about yourself?
  • I am terribly organized - I colour code everything!
  • I strongly believe in Fate, that whatever is meant to be, will.
  • I am personally resistant to social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry), as i have witnessed the extent to which it de-socializes people.
  • I prefer to forge my own path rather than to follow the crowd.
  • I have a phobia of polka dots (no, I'm not kidding)
4.What brought you to blogging?
I needed a place to store my thoughts and express my views and perspectives on fashion & life.

5.Your Blogging Inspiration?[share link]
I am inspired by many different media avenues - FTV, for their coverage of international runway shows. Stylish street wear worn by ordinary people I see everyday. Fashion magazines for their imaginative photo shoots and creative editorials. Every new blog I read is a source of inspiration. At the moment I'm charmed by Dustjacket Attic 

6.Your best Blog Post to date?[share link]
There's actually two:
I did one on the Colour Blocking trend, and more recently, a satirical look at the worst fashion trends of all time.χτμλ

7.Book you're reading?
Besides for intimidating business textbooks, I have yet to pick up 'Can You Keep a Secret?' by Sophie Kansella

8.You never leave home without?[share a picture]
My phone, wallet & lipgloss. Those are just the essentials, I could write an encyclopedia on the rest of the things that go into my handbag.
I have the Nokia C3 and carry the Lancome Juicy Tubes Jelly all the time!

9.Your favorite pair of shoes that you own? [share a picture]
I have the exact same black heels

and the purple Charlotte Olympia are on my wishlist!

10.Your best bag that you own?[share a picture]
I have the same bag as this and it's my favourite handbag!

11.Your best outfit?[share a picture]

It would have to be a chic, tailored blazer worn over a pretty top with skinny jeans and a gorgeous pair of heels. This Balmain outfit is my idea of the best outfit.

12.Favorite song/movie these days?[share links]
My favourite song at the moment is 'Invisible' by Skyler Grey.

The last good movie I watched was 'The Adjustment Bureau' starring Matt Damon & Emily Blunt. It's the kind of thought-provoking movie that leaves you with more questions than answers.

*Thanks to the lovely Rakshan for inviting me to be a part of her interview 
Series. Due to lack of time I didn't get a chance to take pictures of my own stuff, managed to source some identical ones on the web instead, hope you don't mind!:)

Thank you again Sam! 

Be sure to check out I promise you'll love it! :)

Do tell me what you think girls?

P.S If you also want to be featured here email me your answers/links and pictures at : :) x


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