Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Featured Blogger Today 'SARA' from Sara Hassan's Blog!

Guess who's featured in my Featured Blogger Series Today?! 
The most popular beauty blogger of our country and the Sigma Beauty Ambassador for Pakistan, Sara Hassan!! 

If I remember correctly I discovered Sara Hassan's Blog on August 17, 2011 for the first time, and the next day my blog was born, call it some MAJOR inspiration if you want! I love her clean, crisp blog layout and the top-notch photography,not to mention the amazing content itself.  

Huge thanks to Sara for taking time out to be my Featured Blogger today and without much ado I present you SARA from Sara Hassan's Blog:

1.Share your picture [Optional]

2. Nickname?
I really don't have one.

3. Five random facts about yourself?

  • I love noodles! My favorite is Chatpatta by Knorr.
  • I have never had coffee in my life.
  • I am a huge video game addict.
  • I hate winters. I am a summer person.
  • I love cats and snakes. 

4. What brought you to blogging?
My love for writing and sharing brought me into it. Being a Pakistani, I just wanted to the world to know that we’re no different than others. We can do anything we want with peace and love.

5. Your Blogging Inspiration?[share link]
Padmita’s Makeup Blog:

6. Your best Blog Post to date?[share link]
My review and look using the UD Naked Palette

7. Book you're reading?
Not into books anymore. I am a movie person.

8. You never leave home without?[share a picture]
Heels! No heels, no me.

9. Your favorite pair of shoes that you own? [share a picture]

10. Your best bag that you own?[share a picture] 

11. Favorite song/movie these days?[share links]
X men: First Class


12. Share your Blog/twitter/Facebook Links!

Thank you again Sara! 

For those of you who haven't already, be sure to check out it's one of a kind! :)

Do tell me what you think girls?

P.S  If you also want to be featured here email me your answers/links and pictures at : :) x

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  1. I agree that she's one of a kind. I love her makeup tips esp her blog that is full of details. ♥

  2. Thank you for featuring me! It was fun doing it :) xx

  3. nyc pic... she looks lovely..
    thank u so much fr ur comment on my blog..
    wud luv to follow u...


  4. OMG Sarah, you've never had coffee? :O -dies-

  5. Oh Sara. How can you love summer? :/
    Loved reading more about you. xx

  6. Nice... waisay we want to know more about Sara <3

  7. she's really beautiful ...inside and out! :)

  8. I like sara. i always feel her reviews are genuine and very interesting.

  9. aw it was nice to get to know Sara more since she paved the way for ALL of us! I know I have been inspired by Sara to start blogging and its really been such a fun experience!

  10. Hi, Nice to read about Sarah! she is a sweety hearty person! I like her way of writing posts & sharing her views n reviews :)
    All the best for Sarah & all you friends from beauty blogs, I am a arty crafty blogger & not having a beauty blog but I am having many beauty blogger friends!
    All the best all friendsssssssss

  11. Love u Sara :) I love Chatpatta too :D

  12. niceeee .... great idea dear <3

  13. lovely blog. i am following you on google friend connect and also on facebook. :) hope you can follow-back if you like my blog.

    cheers, and have a fab wknd!

  14. i'm so happy you all liked this post:) x

  15. hey rakhshan =) u know what?? my inspiration for blogging came from Sara too =)

  16. I love her <3 xx
    lovely guest post xxxxx

  17. Sara was also my earliest inspiration when I was contemplating on starting a blog. She is really great and a dedicated blogger. thanks for featuring her :D


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