Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Featured Bloggers Today 'IVA and PETRA' from the ShootingSisters!!

Today the Bloggers I'm featuring are two sisters Iva and Petra from the ShootingSisters Blog.The Duo is from Croatia and have only recently started blogging. Iva is the makeup artist and Petra is the photographer. They have done some really amazing work! I love their shoot ideas, and makeups and I want to share them with you all!

So I present to you Iva and Petra from the ShootingSisters:

L-R Petra, Iva

2. Nickname?
I don’t have a nickname for my name is really short, but my boyfriend usually calls me “Bu” :)

3. Five random facts about yourself?
  • I’m studying psychology and I would like to work in human resources someday, however, people sometimes really annoy me.
  • I love animals, especially horses and dogs.
  • I really love sweets (I could kill for chocolate).
  • Sarcasm is the best thing human kind ever invented and I use it (too) often.
  • I’m addicted to beauty blogs and makeup.
4. What brought you to blogging?

I thought my sister and I could do a significant contribution to bloggers community with our work and stories.

5. Your Blogging Inspiration?
Every blog I follow is inspiring in its own way but I like Viola aka Killer Colours ( and Celina ( the most. Girls are super creative, funny, simple and have a way of making my day. :)

6. Your best Blog Post to date?

7. Book you're reading?

Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and I’m really loving it!

8. You never leave home without?

9. Your favorite pair of shoes that you own? 

10. Your best bag that you own?
I’m trying to find a new one, so I don’t have any I would like to isolate at the moment.

11. Your best outfit that you own?
I dress according to the occasions so I don’t have one best outfit, I always try to look as good as possible, and in a way that fits.

12. Your favorite song/movie these days?
Song: Gotye feat. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know

Movies: Elegy with Penelope Cruz and Sir Ben Kingsley

Midnight in Paris a movie by Woody Allen

Forever the best – Amelie!


1. Nickname?
I don't have any :)

2.Five random facts about yourself?
  • I have two dogs
  • I try to travel around the world as much as I can
  • I usually wake up with black eye pencil rings around my eyes
  • I have this crazy idea to bring in some aesthetics into a world of computer science
  • Coffee can easily substitute water in my life
3.What brought you to blogging?
My very persuasive sister. If there wasn't for her I highly doubt that I would make myself to create a blog.

4.Your blogging inspiration?
My sister is the one with blogging inspirations, I am in charge of making up basic ideas for new projects.

5.Your best blog to date?

6.Book you're reading?
Literature for my studies :S It is not an easy task to find spare time to read a normal interesting book.

7.You never leave home without?
My electric cigarette (I live such a healthy life :))

8.Your best shoes that you own?
Ecco’s brown strappy wedges and they look even better when I wear them :)

9.Your best bag that you own?
My camera backpack, you can fit ANYTHING inside!

10.Your best outfit that you own?
I tend to mix and match styles that are thought of as incompatible. Iva hates the clothes I chose to buy when we’re in stores, but once I bring them home, she can’t stop wearing them!:)  On my trip this summer I got robbed and my case full of clothes, shoes, and accessories (all of my favorite pieces) was gone so right now I’m in process of buying everything. Therefore, I can’t put any of photos right now (most of my best outfits are bye-bye). However, here’s something I would definitely wear

11.Your favorite song/movie these days?
Song: Gotye feat. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know [same as Iva's] 
Movie:Roman Pro ┼Żeny – a Czech movie I really loved

12. Blog/Twitter/Facebook Links?!/ShootingSisters

Thank you, Rakhshan, for giving us a chance to introduce ourselves! :)
Our blog is still a baby, but we’re doing our best to make it grow as fast as it can so take some time and visit us at :)

Thank you again Iva and Petra!

These girls are doing some really incredible work, be sure to check them out

Do tell me what you think girls?

P.S If you also want to be featured here email me your answers/links and pictures at : :) x

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  1. This is so interesting reading the two different perspectives from two sisters. I also adore Amelie and Midnight in Paris. Going to listen to the song they both recommended.

  2. its a nice song, i'm glad they shared it :) x

  3. lovely, thanks

  4. aw this is a nice post, great to know about these ladies!

  5. These are really interesting posts, keep up the good work!


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