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Lumiere Skin and Beauty Bar Mineral Cosmetics [review+ swatches]

Today I'm reviewing the Mineral Makeup from Lumiere skin and beauty bar. I got this a week or two back in a tightly sealed plastic pack that made sure everything remained intact and have been using them since to review them for you guys. All in all I received seven samples, two blushes, two foundations and three eye pigments. 

What Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics say:
Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics believe there is a beauty in all of us, and each of us adorns our own unique qualities.
Our mineral cosmetics are formulated to simply enhance the finest of our
features and assist with those areas we like the least. 
Whatever your skin type may be, delight yourself in the look and feel of naturally, smooth and radiant skin with our complete line of mineral cosmetics. Don't hide the beauty you possess, captivate it!

All the products are contained in small square plastic containers with a screw on black lid. You have to be careful with the product while opening and closing to avoid spillage. 

Review and Swatches:

Large jar 4gm $6
Sample jar $1.25

L-R Wild Rose, Fresh Roses

One of the blushes I was sent is a Peach blush called Wild Rose and it's a very pretty peachy pink color. The second blush is a Pink blush called Fresh Roses and it's a Rosy pink color. Check the swatches below. [All swatches are of dry products]

L-R Wild Rose, Fresh Roses

Both the blushes have decent pigmentation, though it's a little difficult to handle these products because all are in powder form but the result is satisfying. The color appears in the first swipe but some product [and hence the color] tends to fall off. Frequent touch ups may be required here especially if you use the powder foundation underneath. If you can make out from the swatches, both the blushes have a tiny bit of silvery glitter that's niether too little nor too overwhelming. 

Wild Rose
Wild Rose is smooth and peachy and I love the color, I'm basically a peach blush fan which is mainly the reason why I loved this more than the pink one.

Fresh Roses
Fresh Roses is as the name implies a fresh rosy pink color which gives a natural rosy glow to my cheeks and is perfect for day and night wear both.

L-R Wild Rose, Fresh Roses

2. Foundations
Extra large jar 12gm $9
Large jar 4gm $6
Sample jar 1.5gm $1.25

L-R Fair Golden, Light Golden

The first one is Fair Golden for Fair skin with a golden undertone. The category of this powder foundation is Veena Velvet, which is for
*normal to oily skin
*Coverage buildable light medium to heavy
*Finish is matte 
The second one is Light Golden for Light skin with a golden undertone, the category of this is Cashmere, which is for 
*all skin types
*Coverage is buildable light to medium
*Finish is mostly matte, has a soft silkiness.

Take a look at the swatches below:
These are without any moisturizer or primer underneath.

L-R Fair Golden, Light Golden
Using a moisturizer is a must for these especially if you have normal-dry skin, that is something I discovered when I used these a couple of times. You can pick up the product with any big fluffy brush or a stippling brush as well, I use my blush brush which is big and fluffy with numerous bristles. 

I gently dip the brush in the product, shake the excess and pat it on to my face then gently press the product onto my skin in circular motions. I was amazed at the seamless finish I achieved the first time I used this. 

The best thing is that it's buildable and blends well into the skin but I feel that is doesn't conceal dark spots and blemishes very well so you need a concealor definitely. The finish is matte as you can see, no shimmers in either. If you use the moisturizer it would give u a decent matte finish but without that you might just have to deal with a some dry patches. 
Overall I'm really pleased with this product, when you put it on it feels as if you have nothing on your face!


3. Eye Pigments
Mini jar 1 gm $2.50
Large jar 2gm $4

Top: Allure, Right: Ditto-01, Bottom: Divine

I loved the colors of the eye pigments, the first one is called Allure, a super shimmery sheer rose pink with high gold sparkle. The second is called Divine a beautiful royal purple, and the last one is called Ditto-01 which is a peachy Pink with slight shimmer. 
As in the case of powder eye shadows, you are likely to experience some fallout.

L-R: Allure, Divine, Ditto-01

Divine is a nicely pigmented purple color. The finish is really silky and the color fairly buildable, I loved using this as a crease color,and it appears royal if packed on the whole lid!


Allure is the most shimmery, fresh pink color, looks red-ish on the camera, it might seem like an intense color at first but this is quite sheer and looks amazing when it's applied.

Ditto 01 is a peachy pink with shimmer, smooth in application. I like using it in the inner corners of my eyes which really opens up my eyes and make them pop.

Check out the swatches below:

L-R Allure, Divine, Ditto-01

You can order these from the Lumiere website Here. They ship internationally.

Why should you buy it:

  • If you're big on mineral makeup.
  • If you can easily work with powder makeup.
  • You can choose all the items from a huge range of colors.
  • You can buy small sample products real cheap if you're trying these products for the first time.

Why should you leave it:

  • If ordering online is a hassle for you.
  • If you have very dry skin or don't like powder makeup.

I like these products, for the pigmentation, the range of colors and general goodness of mineral makeup for my skin!

Tell me what you think?

This was a PR sample for review and I've given my honest views about it.


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