Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Random things to Ramble about...

Welcome to another addition of my "Random things to ramble about.."

  • Feeling super excited about the new series of posts I'm starting, the ones that would be featuring other beauty bloggers from around the world. I'll post the first one this thursday at 12 noon PST. I have made a schedule for all the upcoming thursdays and I'm marking the names as I'm receiving emails. It's absolutely a first-come-first-post basis. ;)
  • Bought my daughter[Hadiya] a tooth brush, she's two now mashAllah and a sucker for chocolates and juices. I had to teach her to spit first which was quite an ordeal for me; she found it rather funny and swallowed most of the mineral water I was using to demonstrate it to her, but thankfully she got the hang of it in the end and the effort payed off!
  • When you think of Hardee's the in-famous US restaurant chain, thick beef burgers and delicious chicken fillets come to mind, being a Karachiite I felt a little deprived as there was not a single Hardee's franchise in the city! It recently opened up at Karachi in Hyderi, North Nazimabad, living in defense that's literally the other end of the world to me:/ and they are super duper crowded, have been so since the first day they opened up on September 22, 2011. They don't deliver either! Nevertheless I had a Super Star last saturday, the huge burger with double strips of beef in the middle accompanied by the curled fries; my bro-in-law was kind enough to bring me one on his way back from a trip with friends. Bliss! 
  • Had lunch with my husband's friends' wives/families this past sunday, we went to Arizona Grill, Zamzama. They have really amazing steaks, I ordered the french cheese and onion steak and enjoyed it thoroughly, the chicken tenderloins and fries meal kept Hadiya busy, many thanks to the high chair as well, and hence had fun at a gathering long since over due!
  • I'm approaching 100 followers on facebook, twitter and my blog too [yayyy!] and ofcourse I want to celebrate and hold a little giveaway for my lovely readers as a token of thanks. As soon as I hit a century on all three  of my pages I'll announce the giveaway!! 
  • Was on the phone with my mum a while back; she told me about the weather forecast she'd heard on the Tele that said torrential rains to start in karachi from tuesday uptil thursday :/ I'm absolutely a rain person don't get me wrong BUT the aftermath of heavy rains in Karachi once it starts are far more undesirable and disturbing then they normally would be somewhere else!  
Tell me what you think?


  1. Nice post. I really enjoyed reading it :D You have some really nice ideas :D I love rains but I hate the aftermaths :D

  2. thanks! You're so sweet:) xx
    the overcast today seems ominous!

  3. I felt like listening to updates on life gal!Way to go on 100 followers..

  4. You've a daughter! How cute! :D

  5. Hadiya is my Goddaughter's name! How cool!


  6. Nice post:) The cheese and onion steaks sound really yummy. now following.

  7. @cheeky chic
    thank u :) hope u liked them!!

    yep a 2 year old lil monster<3 :)

    me too:) x

    wow!:)super cool!! xx

    thanks so much darling:) xx


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