Friday, November 11, 2011

Random things to Ramble about...

Heya! Welcome to some more of my Rambles...
  • Been working hard on posts; there have been just so many. Sometimes sleeping after 3 am at night and waking up early gah!! but its so rewarding when I see your comments, seriously it reinvigorates me all over again:)
  • Been thinking about starting a new blog to separate my beauty related posts and the random ones, I don't know for some reason my creative juices are flowing like crazy BUT honestly managing a blog [if you want to write and post quality content] is tough and time consuming. I'm so in love with writing that at times I tend to sit infront of my laptop for hours completely lost until Hadiya shakes me up!
  • Loved this Facebook status that I came across yesterday: I was BORN in 80's. The last SANE generation! - We are the last generation that learnt to play in the street, we are the first who've played video games, seen cartoons in color and went to amusement parks.- We were the last to record songs of the radio on cassettes and we are the pioneers of walkmans and chatrooms....We Learned how to program the VCR before anyone else, play with the Atari, Super Nintendo and believed that the Internet would be a free world. - We are the generation of the Thunder Cats, the Transformers, Scooby Doo, Tom And Jerry, Jungle Book, Popeye, G.I. JOE. Traveled in cars without seat belts or air-bags - lived without cell phones. Rode our bicycles down the road without brakes. We nvr had phone but still kept in touch. We did not have Play stations, 99 television stations, flat screens, surround sound, mp3s, iPods, computers and the Internet, ...but nevertheless we had a GREAT Time !!! Some times when I think it kind of saddens me that whatever I grew up with, our children would have no knowledge of:/ even though it has always been that way!
  • One thing that I have been hearing a lot lately is that people blog only for free stuff and samples:/ This is sad and unfair to people who are putting in hard work and bringing you good unbiased reviews to help you in your shopping experiences. Free stuff won't last forever after all how much good can it do anybody! They seriously need to broaden their perspectives!
  • I want to start some TAG posts soon, they're really fun posts in which the same TAG is passed along to other bloggers and everyone posts their version of it, I got the idea from YouTube beauty videos, they do this tagging thing and its heaps of fun!
  • We have our Karachi Beauty Blogger Meet-Up Lunch coming up on Sunday and I'm super excited for that. Incredible as it may sound, I was contacted for sponsorship and I was like hells yeah!! our very first event being sponsored, this is definitely a good omen!
Do share what you think?

P.S By the way the picture above is Anne Hathaway in Glamorous Photo Shoot for Vogue 2010


  1. I agree with you. People need to broaden their perspectives. It will take some time for Pakistanis to realize it. You don't have to worry about a single thing. You're doing a great job! <3

  2. Do you ever stop thinking? :P The tag post is a good idea. Though Lipstick Tag, Random Facts Tag, Favourites Tag can be found around blogs. But you can get more creative. ;)

  3. love it

  4. Haha! That is a very interesting status. I love reading your random rambling posts. Would be great to see a whole blog about other stuff from you. You are doing a wonderful job.

  5. I like the Facebook status, I can't say that I know about most of those things, but I can say that it's very true. Have fun at the Blogger event, can't wait to hear about it:)
    I like this 'Rakhshan's Rambles' post.

  6. that facebook status made me think
    good luck with the new blog let us know the link when you make it
    have a fashionable weekend

    The Dolls Factory

  7. wow u guys must be looking fwd to the Lunch tomm :) & Yes I just copied that Status ;)

  8. lol this is such a nice post :)
    You know what I think its better to keep ONE blog because it becomes our brand and our identity and we know where to put our energy.....I made that mistake in the beginning but learnt from other bloggers that one blog is the best way to go!

    You are great at what you are doing so keep it up! :D

  9. Thanks for dropping by my blog :D!!

    Oooo, you need to sleep more! Can be bad for your skin >_< and get dark eye circles!! I think maybe you don't need to separate your blogs, because your blog represents YOU :O!? It's like your own world, and the world is made up of different countries. So you blog can be made up of beauty and random things!

  10. I feel the same way about the next generation bc what WE grew up with was soo memorable. i wish we could go back to that time, now cartoons have become too adult for children to watch.

    I get so lazy to do the "About Me" tag, something fun like fav products would be awesome! :)

  11. Hun, I loved your ramblings interspersed with your hauls and reviews :) Personally I like it here. If you find you're writing about other stuff more at a later date, then maybe setup another blog :)

  12. Nice post hon!
    THanks for following me. M following you back.. :)sry m late..
    You can find me n facebook tooo

  13. @summer raye
    i love it too:) x

    like seriously, i'm amazed at some people's nerve!

    someone should take the plunge to creativity don't u think?;)

    thanks:) x

    @pandora's box
    aww your words make my day, you're so sweet:) thanks a lot xx

    thanks a lot samy:) means alot!!:) x

    @dolls factory and @areej
    thanks a lot for visiting and commenting :) x

    @fatima and jo bao
    u know what? I agree with you guys, u have convinced me, i think i'll stick with only this blog after all:) x thanks alot <3

    my thoughts exactly! I have to be so careful in deciding whats best for my daughter to watch and whats not:/ yep i'll try to be more creative:P

    yep u guys have convinced me now and im sticking with this blog at the moment thanks :) x

    @ficticious fashion
    happy following:) xx

  14. That is horrible, about the people doing it just to get free stuff. It's good to see people like you who are really committed to providing a wonderful blog!!

    ps loveeee that picture!!

  15. Hey, Rakhshan!
    First of all, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and for following me. I also like yours very much! I enjoyed reading your rambles. Since I launched Nuar, I keep on pondering over how to improve it, too! (one issue is to make it in English, as well)As for separating thematically your posts into two blogs, that seems a good idea to me. XOXO, María José


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