Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Random things to ramble about..

Hey ladies!
Here I am with another late edition of my rambles:

  • The newly released 'Breaking Dawn' craze is everywhere, I came by tons of videos on YouTube on how to achieve Bella Swan's wedding look plus dupes of the wedding dress which was designed by Carolina Herara:/ I liked this part the best among all released so far, the expressions, the acting everything seems quite real and you can actually go ahead and enjoy the movie without comparing it with the book for once!
  • Did you get to watch the Victoria Secret Fashion show 2011, it was all fun and hoopla again, flawless faces, gorgeous billowing hair, mega-high heels and bikinis worth more than a million dollars paired with Moves like jaggers and other top songs promises a hell of a party night! I loved last year's show more; because of Katy Perry yes! and the whole girl thing made everthing so much more fun!! by the way doesn't every girl wish deep down inside to be perfect just like a VS angel? ;)  I'm sharing the 'Moves like jaggers' by Maroon 5 that the Angels lip sync to: 
  • Pakistan won the cricket series against Sri Lanka which was a pleasant surprise, lots of boom booms on my FB page lol but it's true Shahid Afridi made us win without a doubt!
  • Hadiya ran a fever and alerted us to the fact that the weather has turned unexpectedly chilly around Karachi, linens are in order now. I've a sore throat too plus a runny nose, a remedy for treating a sore throat that i tried out last time and the next day woke up feeling as good as ever is having fully frozen ice cream when you have a badly sore throat [I know you can't dream of having ice cream with a sore throat but that's exactly what works!] 
  • Made some additions to my perfumes =) it requires heavy investment yes but so worth it! would love to do a collection post for you guys!
  • Has it ever happened to you that you get a text from your mobile service provider that 'you have loaded a balance of xxx' when you havn't yourself nor has anybody you ask? happened to me twice this past month and I'm yet to find out who's responsible for spoiling me! super weird isn't it:/
Tell me what you think?

P.S The above picture of Drew Barrymore is from her Harper's Bazar October 2010 shoot. 


  1. Aw I hope you get better soon! The weather is changing and I really like it. Ive never watched the VS fashion show. I am soo annoyed at my service provider, they send me like 20 texts per day on promos and whatnot.

  2. I wonder who your secret spoiler is :P

    I hope your and Hadiya feel better soon <3

  3. When we were kids our father always let us eat frozen ice cream when we had sore throat! :) Worked every time plus it's yummy!!

  4. I love reading your rambles :D Ice creams work for me too :D

  5. thank you for the wishes babes! :) much love to u <3


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