Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bourjois Iridescent Powder (Illuminating) [review+swatches]

I have had this gorgeous illuminator powder "Milles Carats" by Bourjois Paris for quite sometime now and have loved using this, I thought I'd share my thoughts with you about how good I found it to be.

What Bourjois Paris says:

"Bourjois Mille Carats Refined Iridescent Powder. A touch of light that caresses and delicately illuminates your skin. Made in France.
Surround yourself with an aura of luxury. Lightly dust yourself with pearl from head to toe using the powder puff and the ingenious integral screen or apply this rich iridescent highlights in subtle touches to brighten up your make"


A round beige colored plastic container, the top part unscrews and the bottom part contains the loose powder and a sifter on it with a peel-off sticker on top, which can be removed to expose the holes through which the product comes out. It comes with a small round puff inside but alas! I've lost mine:/

Review and Swatches:

This adorable illuminator powder got me hooked the first time I swatched it on my hand. It's a pearly skin toned powder with lots of shimmer that glows and highlights. 
It's quite sheer especially when blended, the texture is silky and fine. I like to dust it over my cheekbones and the T-zone. It makes my skin look all glow-y and healthy. I use it on my brow bone as well and sometimes in the inner corners of my eyes. 
The staying power is average if you use a powder foundation underneath, ABOVE average if you use it with a normal liquid/stick foundation and if you apply this with a slightly wet brush, it stays on all night. Just a little bit of the powder goes a long way.
Bourjois calls it the "refined iridescent powder", this can be used on the body too, great as a highlighter plus a face powder, and perfect for a special occasion. 
I think this would work as a great highlighter for all skin tones because it makes the skin shimmer and glow, being extremely light weight and build-able you can achieve your desired look easily.
It comes in a range of shades pearl, peach, bronze, white etc 

Here's a swatch, it looks more silvery on camera but has both golden and silver shimmers.


Fully Blended

I got this for PKR 450 from Saffron in DHA.
I've heard that this has been discontinued much to my dismay:/ but you can still find it on ebay.

The Good Points:
  • If you like shimmery illuminators.
  • It highlights well.
  • Good product quantity.
  • The powder is finely milled and silky smooth on application.
  • It has a clean scent, not heavy or irritating.
  • Great for night wear or formal parties.
  • Comes with its own puff.
  • Multipurpose product.

The Not So Good Points: 
  • This is not for casual wear.
  • Unavailability.


Do tell me what you think girls?


  1. you know what! I havent tried bourjios yet!! :( Boohoo!!

  2. i love this shimmer , beautiful highlight color

  3. how pretty! Its so shimmery yet you can blend it out.

  4. I totally love shimmers. Great post.

  5. This is lovely, I rarely wear a highlighter, but have DAniel Sandler peachc loose eyeshadow that I wear instead but this is a lovely colour. x

  6. Love glitter! Shame it's not available anymore... I don't really want to buy make up from ebay either :/ xo

  7. wow looks like a very versatile product!!! I am now following you!

  8. i like the shimmer, and i like how it looks when fully blended. i think it may be worth a try. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  9. Wow this is an awesome product :) Thanks for sharing

  10. I love the shimmer effect on this product, it would be great as a highlighter.

  11. this one looks so lovely thanx for review :)

  12. Looks nice.. I have been looking fr dis, for a while now. wats d price?
    Maybe u have time to visit my blog.. pls do comment on the 2nd one if fr sure, if u can :)

    You can also follow me on Facebook. I'd lvoe to follow u back.

  13. super cool!!! what girl doesn't love shimmers??!!

  14. It looks beautiful and I love the packaging. x

  15. WOAH! THAT IS SO sparkly! does it show up more sparkly in person that it shows on the picture?!

    I'm following you! follow me too please :)

  16. Great review, Rakhshan! Thank you very much indeed! I love iridiscent facial powders, and am always looking for the best one. Still, my favorite is Les Meteorites, by Guerlain. Laura Mercier's is good, too. XOXO, María José


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