Thursday, December 1, 2011

Featured Blogger Today " Aysha Baig" from the Truly Madly Beauty Blog!

*Sorry this post is a day late guys, my laptop battery has developed some problem, plan to get it fixed ASAP!

I came across a beauty blogger from the UK with the name Aysh_tmb not long ago on Twitter and followed her; and I'm so glad I did because I found her tweets to be hilariously funny and completely animated, you feel she's right infront of you when you read them! Not to mention that she's an amazing beauty blogger too, she has some really nice OOTD, FOTD and NOTD posts on her blog which is called "Truly Madly Beauty".

So today on my Featured Blogger Series I present to you Aysha Baig from the Truly Madly Beauty Blog:

1.Share a pic!
Done! :)

2. Nickname?
Everyone just calls me Aysh :)

3. Five randoms facts about me:
  • I am ridiculously short! Like really, I’m talking under 5 foot petiteness! Used to hate it, but have now come to terms & happily accept my midgetness! Lol!
  • When I’m not obsessing about all things beauty related, I work full time in a pharmacy
  • I am a complete bookworm, movie & computer game nerd too! It’s one of my favourite ways to just chill out, either with a good book & a cup of tea, a fab film on the telly or passing an hour (or six!) on the console :)
  • I HATE the herb coriander with a passion! And I know this is most odd for someone growing up in an Asian household! But it just tastes….yucky!
  • My favourite drinks are orange squash & lemonade! Haha, just a big kid at heart really, but could happily drink them all the time!
4. What brought you to blogging?
Well a coupla years ago I didn’t even know blogs existed! Then I discovered some great beauty blogs through google-ing various makeup topics & from there just became addicted to reading them! After a year or so, of reading & commenting on lots of blogs I thought that it would be something that I would quite like to have a try at & do as well, as when it comes to makeup/beauty I can waffle on nonstop! So decided to start up my own where I can ramble about all things beauty related. And am truly glad I did as I also discovered a love for writing & really enjoy interacting with my readers & have made some fab friends through it as well! :)

5. Your blogging inspiration?
There are so many fab blogs out there, all of which I find inspiring, however
Muhsine’s blog was one of the first blogs I discovered & really enjoy reading, she does great makeup reviews, FOTD’S etc. & is super lovely too!

6. Your best blog post to date?
I had a really lovely response to my Strawberry Nails post, so would have to
 be that! :)

7.      Books you’re reading – Sometimes I actually have2 or 3 books on the go at the same time! Told ya I was a bookworm ;) At themoment I’m reading Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes. She’s definitely one ofmy fav writers as her books contain a mix of a lot of humour, drama & romance:)

8.      You never leave home without?
Eyeliner! It’s myHG make up product :)

9.      Your fav pair of shoes? 
Has to be myKurt Geiger peep toe heels, just love the them!

10.  Fave bag?
I have a big weakness for florals, so whenI saw this bag in River Island it just had to be mine! Currently using it as myeveryday bag :)

11.  Favourite song?
At the moment its Rihanna andCalvin Harris “We found love”

12.  Favourite movie?
Chocolat! Johnny Depp ANDchocolate! Yes please! ;)

13.  Share blog and twitter links:
Blog -
Twitter -!/Aysh_tmb

Be sure to check out , and follow her on twitter, you'll love it just like I do :)

Do tell me what you think girls?

P.S If you also want to be featured here email me your answers/links and pictures at : :) x
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  1. Her blog looks lovely! Great post Rakhshan! :)

  2. Great answers, Chocolat is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love her bag, so pretty.

    Hope your laptop is fixed Rakhshan :)

  3. Great knowing abt a fabulous blogger.

  4. Great to know!! I am coming your way this week as I am totally free :D

  5. Nice interview, nice to meet you aysah :)

  6. Aww thanks for having me on you blog hun & for you're very kind words! :D

    Love Aysh xoxo

  7. great post .. n i also love random tweets by Aysh <3 :)

  8. @sidra
    thanks babe:)

    thanks for the wish, i got it back:) [yay]

    @ruqaiya, cottoncandy, fakhra
    thank you ladies:)

    anytime hun:) x

    thanks a lot:)

  9. @rabeeyah
    yo girl! you were the first one and i'm still waiting for yours :) hehe

  10. Chocolat was fun movie. I am totally gonna follow Aysh. =D


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