Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Featured Blogger Today 'Danielle Jordan Terry' from the Tinks Tales Blog!

Today Danielle from The Tinks Tales Blog is with us here on my Featured Blogger Series posts. A beautiful and talented Mommy blogger who juggles her two boys and blogging simultaneously and successfully!:)

So let me introduce you to Danielle from The Tinks Tales Blog:

1. Nickname: 

2. Five Random Facts: 
  • I am the youngest of 7.
  • I am a full time mammy to two boys, Bobby Brian and Noah Jak.
  • I have a pet chihuahua called Elliot.
  • I have a Marilyn Monroe beauty spot, in the same place as hers was too.
  • I have strange flexible ribs which means I can pretty much move into any position I want, it also means I can dance my ass off but the bad side is when I laugh they tend to move and when I lie on my front sometimes it can hurt. 
3.What brought you to blogging? 
A few of my friends blogged before I did, I thought it was amazing but I had two young babies at the time and I NEVER had time for myself, but as they got into their routines and bedtime got earlier, I got board just reading and watching tv so I decided to give blogging ago and now I have never looked back. 
4. Your Blogging Inspiration?
My blogging inspiration is not as such a blog, its more my life and my family! A mix of all things I do and what happens in life :) 

5. Your best Blog Post to date?
My best blog post, the one I wrote nearly a year ago that people love to read and keep going back to is this one here , It is all about my style! 

6. Book you're reading? 
The book i am reading at the moment is by Virginia Andrews, The Casteel Family Saga, I am on the 3rd book now, only 4 in the series. I love her books as they are always about broken families or girls who have struggles in their lives, I love books that are easily relatable and not all happy happy all of the time, they also tend to get rather gothic and i love that. I do also read other books such as The Lovely Bones and The Little Princess. I also read all of Katie Prices books as I find her fasinating. 

7. You never leave home without?

My Iphone, a dummy for my youngest son, my purse, camera (just incase) and if the kids are with me as they always are i have to carry nappies and wipes:)

8. Your favorite pair of shoes that you own? 
I collect irregular choice shoes, i love them because they are different and so quirky :) My fave might have to be these hot pink efrog heels :) I also have these in a few other colours :)

9. Your best bag that you own? 
For nights out, meals and cinemas i love taking my beige crocodile (faux) River Island clutch :)

10. Your best outfit?
I love the outfit I have put together in this picture, it shows my true style, glam boho :)

11. Favorite song/movie these days? 
My favorite movies are classics like The little princess, Edward scissor hands and The secret garden. 
I also love films by Studio Ghibli, my fave is My Neighbour Totoro! 
I love watching Disney movies with my kids, their fave is The Princess And The Frog!

12. Links?
My blog:

Thanks for featuring on my blog series Danielle!!

Be sure to visit and find out more about her!!!:)

Do tell me what you think?

P.S If you also want to be featured here email me your answers/links and pictures at : :) x


  1. Lovely answers, such an interesting blogger, reminded me to have a read of 'The Lovely Bones'. Her pink heels are stunning!

  2. such cool fun facts about her.. she is so lovely :)
    n thanks fr visiting my blog..
    re: hahaha.. yes.. Mr.As' are pretty awesome! ;)

    Hope u have a great New year.. Stay Blessed!! :)

  3. ohh she seems like such a lovely person!

  4. this was such a fun thing to read! i cannot leave the house without my iphone either and i also love a little princess -- i will never get tired of watching that movie. :)

    <3, Mimi


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