Friday, December 16, 2011

Haul [Some repurchases!]

This post is late, I always HAUL things and due to my busy schedule of the day I hardly get time to sit down peacefully and blog about them:/
These are the things that I got on my last grocery visit, which was sometime at the beginning of the month and now we're halfway through December! Some of these are my repurchases and it's not the first time that I've bought and used them. 

Anyways so the things I got are:

  • Herbel Essences Color-Me-Happy Conditioner: this is for color treated hair which is the reason it caught my attention, I dye my hair frequently, at first it was for the sake of fun and now it's turned into a necessity:/ it claims to have a fusion of Moroccon rose and passion fruit, this cost me PKR 330.
  • Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk Gloss Shampoo: this felt like a mild shampoo to me when I used it the first time and the reason for that is it takes a lot of shampoo to lather [my indication of a mild shampoo], I have normal to dry hair and hence prefer mild shampoos for regualr use. I like the scent and true to it's name it makes my hair glisten! The price tag was PKR 250.
  • Johnson's Baby Cologne [powder mist]: For Hadiya most definitely:) for those of you who don't know, I have a two year old daughter Hadiya<3 and as her mother is a total perfume freak this went straight into the trolley without a second thought, it has a nice pleasant fragrance and not at all overwhelming for kids.
  • Baby Bath Sponge: Again an item for Hadiya, though unlike the net-material standard Loofa[ which is a No-No for kids because it's tough on their tender skins] this sponge didn't lather to my satisfaction:/

  • Livon 'I love my hair' Silky Potion: I love this hair serum it works wonders for hair with frizz, and mine gets frizzy on and off with changing seasons. I find that it works best for me when I apply it on straight out-of-the-shower wet hair, it controls the frizz and makes my hair manageable but if I apply it when my hair dries out even a little bit, it tends to make my hair limp so I avoid doing that.

  • Cool & Cool Hand Sanitizer: I was running out of my hand sanitizer so I picked this up, I want to try the recently launched Safegaurd one next time! This was for PKR 115.

  • Golden Rose Liquid Concealor: I'm always on the hunt for concealors, so this time the salesgirl at Imtiaz II showed me concealors from Golden Rose company, the first one was a stick concealor, nicely pigmented orange-y color with a price tag of PKR 350. I wanted a liquid one so when she showed me this I was surprised and happy to find the result on my dark circles to be almost the same as with my Rimmel Match Perfection Concealor [my best concealor until this one]. This was for PKR 490 more expensive than the Rimmel one which surprised me further because I don't like the packaging much, Anyways this seems to be turning into a review here so I'd stop and save that for later:) 
Tell me what you think girls?


  1. Great haul! I am so waiting for your review on the concealer. Seems like a nice find <3 :)

  2. oh nice stuff, would love to read your review about concealer :)
    I love baby stuff, cuze i used to buy these things for my lovely nieces :)

  3. Such a nice post, I enjoyed it a lot! I like it, great product!

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  4. Does frequent dyeing turns hair grey? =s

  5. Baby cologne? Love it!! hahaha I like Herbal Essences shampoos. The Drama Clean one is my favorite for the summer time.

  6. Lovely haul. Can't wait for the review of the concealer :D

  7. Great haul. I love the shampoos and the baby perfume. :) x

  8. thanks for your lovely comment!!! and of course! I would love if we follow each other!! I'm already doing it ;)

  9. Nice haul.. Baby soaps and shampoos don't lather :P
    do u knw wer frm can I buy a heat protectant?? spray or anythng.. pls pls find n tel :\
    coming back to ur purchases... i like the color me happy conditioner :D
    Maybe u have time read my New Post

  10. such a nice post ! wanna follow each other? follow me if you love and i'll follow back

  11. woah.. awesome review dear! the sanitizer looks great :D i love your blog (:

    follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)

  12. awesome for lovely daughter Hadiya

  13. I love how the Schwarzkopf shampoos smell. =D

  14. these are great product. i've tried the herbal essence color me happy shampoo and conditioner and it works great. it makes my hair smell really good. i also like to use the johnson&johnson baby cologne. i don't know why but i love the smell!

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  15. I love that Johnson baby cologne ;)

  16. I love Livon, its a miracle hair product. But barely see it anywhere here :(

  17. @NZ! it depends on your genetics really:p i mean it runs in my family too and dyeing has accelerated my hair turning gray,but for some people that doesn't happen! <3

    @fictitious fashion
    i like the TRESemme heat protectant spray, YOu're in India right? I really have no idea where you can find it there but i'm sure in super stores it would be easily available! <3
    aww thanks a lot sahar<3

  18. Great haul, waiting for review on concealer :) xx

  19. would love to try the herbal essences shampoo.. i once had a bad experience with this brand when i was in high school :( i felt like i washed my hair with laundry detergent hahaha but the reviews lately are so good i'm just willing to try it again :)



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