Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Perfume Collection!

Who doesn't like to smell good eh? i'm a perfume person myself and I know for a fact what the obsession is like once you get into this craze. It requires heavy investment yes but totally worth it. In this post, I would like to show you my collection and recommend some of my favorites to you for the perfume addicts [like me] out there!

Here is my treasure in no particular order:
Victoria Secret-Very Sexy For Her


This came in a pack with a shower gel and a body soufle.
Britney Spears-Fantasy

This one is a body mist which is in my November Favorites post as well
Victoria Secret-Luscious Kisses

This is from the Victoria Secret Garden Collection

Victoria Secret-Forbidden Fantasy

I've reviewed the DKNY Delicious Night Here 
DKNY-Delicious Night

This Hugo Boss Femme came in a package with a body lotion too 

Hugo Boss-Femme

My daughter was obsesses with the round cap of this and has misplaced it somewhere, hence it is without one! 
Jennifer Lopez's perfumes always have some item of jewellery as part of the packaging and 'Still' has a ring with a jewel on it in the neck of the bottle as you can see. Luckily it's a perfect fit on my finger:)
Jennifer Lopez-Still

The best one in the Estee Lauder Pleasure series according to me is the Pleasure Exotic
Estee Lauder-Pleasure Exotic

 The cutest packaging there can ever be!
Juicy Couture-Viva La Juicy

Excuse the messy finger print marks, i hate that about this packaging:/
Givenchy-Hot Couture


Givenchy-Very Irresistable Summer

Mini Perfumes L-R Calvin Klein Escape, Eternity, One, Dior Addict

I would love to review them for you if you want to know the details about a specific one, let me know in the comments below!

Do you like perfumes girls? would love to know which one's are your favorites!


  1. great collection here, love all the pretty bottles

  2. Loved this post!! Thanks for sharing <3

  3. Gorgeous collection! You have a few of my personal favourites - Hugo Boss Femme and Britney Fantasy. I love the Juicy Couture bottle, very sassy.

  4. Love your collection! Did you get Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy from here?

  5. I am also a perfume fanatic!! I'd be far too embarassed to photograph my collection though - there's way too many *blush*
    I blame the January sales for me hoarding them! My favourite is probably Givenchy Very Irresistible. I always get complimented when I wear that one :) xxx

  6. oh wowww.. u have such a 'classic' collection... wer did u get all des frm???
    n i hav heard lots of myth to wear a perfume.. sm say behind ears.. bt i get headaches :\
    since u look so 'familiar' wid d same.. do u knw d perfect way to wear it?

    New post

  7. My Victoria Secret scent is Love Spell. It's amazing and lingers :) Vive la Juicy is great also, but it's my cousin's scent so I won't steal it. haha My go to perfume is Outspoken by Fergie. I love it!

  8. Lovely Post! I hate Gucci Rush and I love Femme <3
    OMG!! Juicy couture <3 it is SO adorable

  9. Omggggg I love the dkny ones! Man I need to buy more perfumes my collection is getting really low =/

  10. I love perfumes and your collection is really cute. I also have Viva La Juicy, Femme, Dior Addict and Fantasy, love all of them :)

    I really want to try Very Sexy for her from VS, heard some great things about that one :)

    Xo, Christine♥

  11. wow i've same four from your collection Eternity,CK One,Escape,Pleasure Exotic,i had a sample of viva la juicy and lost it somewhere i just used it once.your collection is awesome:)

  12. wooowwww amazing I love the parfum!!!
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  13. I've never really been a perfume person, but these look lovely!

  14. I rarely wear perfume , I have one perfume that I love though and thats Burberry Weekend, not too sweet or spicy or woody, just perfect!

  15. I'm a new follower! You've inspired me to add more perfume to my collection. Check out my blog and follow too if you'd like!



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  17. thank you girls:)

    @minza no i got it from Saudi Arabia:)

    @fictitious fashion
    if you moisturize yourself with a body lotion and then put on perfume, it stays on for longer, that's how i use it:)

    VS very sexy for her is a beautiful sweet scent with woody undertones, you'll love it:)

  18. lovely collection.. I love eternity and hope..

  19. Wow you have a great collection :)

    Love, Vanilla

  20. i loooveeeyour collection! it's big :D

  21. A post after my own heart :) Great collection girl. I would love to see you review some of these. delicious night is in my opinion the best one out of the DKNY delicious series.

  22. WOW! so jealous of your collection! :) I love the Brittney perfume! :)

  23. Great collection i love the britney spears fantasy!

  24. how many parfumes baby!!! good collection:D
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  25. oh my GOd!!! does that ring on still by j.lo comes off!!??? seriously, i did not know for all those years i have it!!


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