Monday, December 5, 2011

November Favorites!!

Favorites post is one of my "favorites" to do! :) which reminds me..Had so much fun last night on the #bbloggers chat on Twitter that takes place every Sunday at 8pm GMT, this was one of the topics discussed, "your favorite posts that you like to read /write"! 
So November, being my birth month is dear to me <3 some of the things I used this month and enjoyed doing so are:

1. My Red Symbolic Scented Candle 
I got this from a shop in Zamzama Dha, I can't recall the name of the shop but its in the lane that has Ayanis shoes I guess :p It's Pakistan Cottage Industries or something, and they have such exquisite candles I couldn't stop ohh aahing for a long time! 
I got this for PKR 550 and it smells so heavenly, my drawing room smelled divine when I put it there for a few weeks! This has a symbol in black engraved on it most probably chinese [not sure, would love it if somebody can enlighten me though x] and this was available in other shapes and sizes too! 

2. Victoria Secret Body Mist in Luscious Kisses
Really sweet smelling, a typical Victoria Secret scent, if you've used one you'd know, it's all girly girly. Available in  a range of different scents. I got this as a gift from my sister<3 from Dubai. I love it because it has a good amount of product that lasts for a long time, the bottle is hard plastic and hence break-proof!

3. Boots Acacia & Jojoba Intensive Hair Treatment
As you can see I'm running out of it already, the trick with this is to use a considerable amount after you shampoo your hair and let it stay for 5 minutes at least. My hair turned out extra smooth and silky after treating with this. Has a fresh, clean scent as well. I got this for PKR 475 from Imtiaz II super market.

4. St.Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer
I got this for PKR 480 and it's super reasonable for the amount of product you get in this. I love this moisturizer, I apply it religiously every night, it makes my skin super smooth to the touch, I love using it on my hands too :p it says it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and I like that about it even though it's a bit early for me to start worrying about that lol 

5. Sliders Lipbalm in Raspberry
I make sure to grab some lip balms, lip butters and chapsticks whenever I come across any interesting ones while shopping. My recent buys are the Sliders balm that I purchased from Naheed Super store for PKR 95. 

As the name implies the lid slides off to expose the balm inside, I got a raspberry and a cherry one. Love the scent and I love it for it's tastelessness!

6. BeautyUk Nail Polish
A beautiful purple color, I found it prefect for fall/winter, would share a swatch of it soon, it's number 64, hate that it doesn't have a name, a gorgeous color like this should have a name, no?

7. Oral-B Essential Dental Floss[Minty/Menthol]
I wasn't much of a dental floss person until recently, I tried this one as my first and it works great, I use it especially on my lower teeth [they're a bit crowded] and it's really useful for squeezing into seemingly minute crevices and if used daily helps removes brown stains too!

Tell me what you think?


  1. Great picks!! I am very tempted by the Boots Acacia & Jojoba Hair Treatment and St.Ives Timeless Skin Facial Moisturizer. I have to try them now! :) The candle looks HOT! ^^

  2. I think it is such a different and refreshing collection of favourites. ^^

  3. I, too, SWEAR by St. Ives products. If you like them, you should try Shea Moisture products. My shower and "hair product drawer" is full of their products. Great post girl. Love the candle!

  4. great products :) thanks for sharing honey..i love reading your favorites post

  5. great faves! that polish is so pretty

  6. hey! loved reading your favs. i love scented candles too!

  7. I have the Victoria's Secret body mist in Amber Romance. It smells divine. Gud post <3

  8. Great blog and stuff. Following you now. :)
    I hope you will follow back!

  9. i loooove victoria's secret body mists! and your lip balm looks great, it reminds me of my favorite lip balm. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  10. This is awesome! :D Great products

  11. I was wondering if the St.Ives Moisturizer has any smell to it?

  12. I'd love to try the hair treatment, you're so lucky to have Boots available there. We don't get it here.

  13. @sandra
    yes it's gotta fresh fruity [specifically peachy to me] smell! x

  14. thanks everyone for sharing your lovely thoughts:) xox

  15. Hi hun, sorry about the pictures. there seems to be a problem with Blogger at the moment. It's been happening on other sites too. Can you see them now

  16. Some great favourites. I love the candle very pretty. x

  17. great post ...will def try of these products :)

  18. Great products.loed it.I have slider's lip's really good:-)

  19. i love st.ives timeless moisturizer!! i practically use it even on my feet too!!*wink*


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