Monday, December 19, 2011

Some really 'JUICY' Juicy Couture Jewellery of mine!

If you're a big fan of Juicy Couture or super cute charm necklaces, you're going to love this post! I'm both, you could see me rave about Juicy Couture 24/7 literally which is the reason this post is special to me. I want to share some fabulous jewelry pieces from Juicy Couture that I got, with you!
The handbags, the perfumes, the jewelry, the dresses/sweaters... what is there not to like from Juicy! I got my hands on some exquisite necklaces, so first I'll share the pieces with you and later on from where I got these and for how much:) 

1) Juicy Couture Scottie Logo Necklace in Gold 

This is the Company's signature logo, two highland terriers holding a shield bearing three hearts and Love P&G (for Pamela and Gela) the order of these letters have now changed to G&P after a lawsuit by Procter and Gamble in early 2006. A crown lies overhead. 
The two terriers are filled with rhinestones and the necklace is a medium sized one that can be adjusted to make short or lengthen, I'm wearing it short as you can see below.

Down below is the original I found on the Internet, the listed price of this was $120 on one website and $70 on another, after discount it was for $48 and $46.20.

I could not find any difference, can you?

2. Juicy Couture Charm Necklace in Silver

I couldn't find the original for this on the Internet because it doesn't have a particular name. This was the first one I picked up and got smitten!
I love the tiny light pink heart that says juicy and the 'J' with a crown on top and filled with rhinestones. The little house in the middle made of icecream and candy is so cute don't you think? 
This is a long necklace and doesn't shorten though you can loop it around your neck twice if you want, but personally I like the charms necklaces to be short!

3.Juicy Couture Pave Heart Short Necklace in Gold

This is a favorite of mine, I love the rhinestones Anchor, the pave Heart in the middle with the Juicy Couture Scottie logo, the coat of arms with the same logo at the end on the right, the black pup inside the house frame and lastly the round black charm with a horse shoe on top that says Go Couture Yourself 
This is a short necklace, fits close to the neck nicely. 

How much do you think I paid for these "couture" pieces any guesses? :) I'd love to know your hunches, comment below and after I get your comments I'll update with the prices!!

Love your comments!!:) I can see how much you all liked these pieces too. 
I got these for PKR 150 each which is $1.67 only! Can you believe it? lol I know it's hard to digest! but at Sunday Bazaar you can be sure to snag some wonderful bargains like I did! 
Yes I got these from the same guy that had the beautiful Afghani jewelry,the one I got my ring from Here at the Defense Sunday Bazaar Karachi. The guys selling these things don't have much idea about brands and the value associated with such fakes. You have to literally search for good stuff you wont find it among the displayed things. When he saw my interest in the first silver one I picked up he started pulling out more fabulous stuff from his treasure bag lol

Tell me what you think my lovelies?


  1. OMG!! these are super cute! :) where did you get them from?

  2. Wow I'm loving every one of them. great post. xx

  3. I love them!! Pls share where u got these from. I have only seen JC's bags in stores

  4. WOW! They are SUPER cute! I love love charm bracelets. Super adorable. How can you do this with US, Rakhshanda? How can you keep this as a suspense? :D Please share <3 :D

  5. I love Juicy as well. Great jewlery picks. I have a hot pair of earrings from them. I like the signature crown that they seem to incorporate into all their pieces. Makes me feel like a princess :) hahaha

  6. These are just jaw dropping :) I bought one too when I was in Malaysia :)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, so cute!

  8. SOO adorable!! I love the necklace

  9. wer did u buy these frm?? these are adorable!!!!!
    n as fr the spotting the difference.. maybe the hearts are done in pink :P
    or the bottom curve is slightly swirly in the fake one.. the original one is completely lean :D
    never mind.. I love it

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  10. i have some JC and love them your bits are soooo cute love the necklace! :)

  11. Love the Pave Heart Necklace!


  12. How cute is the charm necklace with the gingerbread house and mittens!!!! Very Christmassy LOVE it.All are super gorgeous, but my fav has to be the last piece. Droolworthy.

  13. My god , these are drop dead gawjus beauty i really want to grab some pieces for me too , from where did you got them ??? xxx

  14. I love love love JC!!!! And great prices!!! <3 Seriously the next time you go, get some for me!!!! Amazing stuff luv!

  15. What fun silver charms. They're perfect for winter!

  16. Oh Gosh what a collection and wat a price.... i desperately need to visit sunday bazar :P

  17. The bracelets are beyond gorgeous! Love all those lil pretty charms! Juicy Couture's designs always have this unmistakable boho chic!




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