Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Pallete 06 [review+swatches]

I've had this for a while and I absolutely love it, this is the BodyShop Shimmer Cubes Palette in number 06. Its basically a quad with four shimmery eyeshadows. I'll show you all of the four shades and share some swatches! 

What The BodyShop says about it:
Get big, eye-opening results. Rich mix-and-match palettes of  subtle iridescent blendable eye shadows that can be used wet or dry. Crease-resistant and suitable for contact-lens wearers.
Best for: all skin tones
Chocolate brown shades
Iridescent finish
Dermatologically tested
Ophthalmologically tested

 Shimmer Cube Palette - Eyes 

A square transparent plastic container that has four smaller plastic squares with their own lids that contain the four different colors.

Top Left HoneyComb, Top Right Dark Chocolate, Bottom Left Marshmallow,
Bottom Right Choc Chip

Review and Swatches:
The four shimmery shades are called Choc Chip[a dusky brown], Dark Chocolate[dark chocolate brown], HoneyComb[golden], Marshmallow[baby pink]. Beautiful colors with nice pigmentation. I apply them with my fingers too sometimes, which indicate the ease of use. The color and shimmer lasts a long time. The blend-ability is good and these do not crease either. Can be used wet or dry, I do both depending on the look or occasion. Two of the colors resemble those in the BeautyUk Baked Eyeshadow Trio that I reviewed earlier. This has a complete range of colors for an eye look, the highlight, the dark crease color as well as two pretty colors for application all over the lid.

This one below is my most used one, I'm sure you can make out from the condition of this cube. This one brings out a beautiful color when applied with a wet brush.


Dark Chocolate

Choc Chip

L-R Choc Chip, Dark Chocolate, HoneyComb, Marshmallow [In Flash]

L-R Choc Chip, Dark Chocolate, HoneyComb, 
Marshmallow [In Natural Light]

Price and Availability:
$22 on the BodyShop website
I got this for PKR 2400 from the Bodyshop outlet at the Forum.


I love it, it has a great quality complete range and the colors are super gorgeous.

Tell me what you think girls?


  1. Love it!! Those are my favorite types of productsss :) :)

  2. Love the shimmery earthy tones, think chop chip and marshmallow are my favourites. Do you think will be the best combinations?

  3. These look gorgeous n kinda yummy lol.. like lil chocolate bites!!

  4. I like it the colors are very nice!

  5. I love shimmer cubes!! They are so gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing this :)

  6. They are SO gorgeous and pigmented. Love it!!
    P.S. I love the new look and the banner of your blog. <3

  7. I am loving these neutral shades especially the HoneyComb and Marshmallow. :)

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  8. Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely commenthe, the colors are very nice,love all products from Bodyshop.

    I´m following ;)

    Big Kiss Alexandra,

  9. this is soo pretty! Would work lovely as a cheek highlight

  10. They look really pretty and very pigmented. x

  11. Thanks so much for sending me the link! Looks like you all had such fun and the brand is so prettily packaged. You look beautiful! Will you be posting more pics about the event here on your blog?

  12. Aww those cubes are so cute! And the colours are gorgeous! Great review :)

  13. I was thinking of getting those, but i didn't since i am not sure how well they will look on my too white too pale skin.
    by the way i am not sure if you read my previous comments, but i was interested into the "blogger interviews" you have and was wondering how do you do that.
    should i email you?
    of course you would be ok with me being featured here.

  14. Beautiful!!!!!

  15. this looks and sounds like such an amazing product -- the colors are gorgeous! i love the body shop! :D

    <3, Mimi

  16. Love the shimmer cubes. Would look great when using for a bronze smokey eye.

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  20. Wow, great colors!!! =) Do you want to follow each other??


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  22. wow gorgeous swatches!!! makes me want this RIGHT NOW!!!

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  24. colors are definitely gorgeous! Gotta give it a try!

  25. i love shimmer!

  26. i like this product alot n swatches are so good tempted to buy these:) join my blog as well its c u there:)

  27. Wow looks stunning !!! Love those colours they look fantastic ! Thanks for following, of course i follow back ! Cant wait to read more of you soon ! XOXO

  28. Lovely swatches!!! :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I just followed you! :)


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