Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Featured Blogger Today "Marianne'' from Lure of the Dark Side Blog!

Today I would like you to meet a cute blogger from Greece who runs a stylish blog by the name of Lure Of The Dark Side. Her blog posts consists of stylish fashion editorials and some really thought-provoking and inspirational posts.

1. Nickname: 

2. Five Random Facts: 
  • I live in Athens, Greece but my dream city is New York, with London coming second.
  • I have a sweet tooth and constantly crave for chocolate
  • I want to get a tattoo on my wrist
  • If i had to choose between clothes and make up i would go for clothes
  • I love smokey eyes but i rarely manage to perfect the look

3.What brought you to blogging? 
I always loved reading blogs but i never dared to create one myself, until one day i woke up and decided that it was the best way for me to express my love for fashion and get to know new and interesting people who share the same passion.

4. Your Blogging Inspiration?
Although we don't share the same theme/content, i absolutely adore "The Sartorialist", i am always inspired by his approach towards fashion.
This post not only holds a place inside my heart but got the best kind of attention and comments.

6. Book you're reading? 
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, one of the most interesting and well written books i've ever read.

7. You never leave home without?
Hmmm, hard to tell, i'll go with cell-phone as it the most vital part of my everyday communication with friends and family.

8. Your favorite pair of shoes that you own? 
 Zara beige booties. I got them a while ago and they are one of the most comfortable to walk around shoes i own, considering their height (11 inches) i could never ever believe that they would be so comfy.

9. Your best bag that you own? 
Hmm again hard to tell, i am still not 100% in love with the bags i own. One i want to get though is this Balenciaga one.

10. Your best outfit?
The one featured in this interview, its my style 100%, its me, the hair, the clothes, the jewels. 100% me.

11. Favorite song/movie these days? 
The song i can't get out of my head lately is "It will rain" by Bruno Mars. Gotta love his voice.

12. Links?
Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog!

Thank you for featuring on my blog series Marianne!

Be sure to visit  and find out more about her!!!:)

Do tell me what you think?


  1. Love those boots!!!

    I've been to Athens and I live in NY. They are surprisingly similar cities. Yet, very different other ways too.

  2. i don't think i can explain how thankful i am for this, there are no words describing this feeling inside me.
    its an honor for me to be featured here.
    Thank you so much!
    of course i wrote about this on my new post.
    thank you!

  3. Love Marianne! Wonderful of you to feature her!

  4. love her! she is the cutest ;)

  5. Thanks for featuring the lovely Marianne, she is so sweet!
    great choice of book and I like how she describes her best outfit.

  6. Loved the interview! Definetly going to visit :)

  7. It was lovely reading about you n Rakhshan's wonderful blog. Keep up the good work!

  8. loved it darling!!!


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