Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lashem Double Trouble Mascara[Review+ Swatches]

I'd been looking for a mascara that could both lengthen and voluminize my eyelashes, when I received the Double Trouble Mascara from Lashem to use and review.This Lashem Double Trouble mascara combines volume and length to create a bolder look.

What Lashem says about it:
Let your lashes do the talking with our infamous Double Trouble Mascara! Now you don’t have to choose—use the volume wand for a long and bold voluminous effect and use the length wand to expand your natural lashes. The lengthening fiber mascara helps extend to the tip of the lashes without clumping and doesn’t irritate your eyes. Extend those lashes for some double trouble fun!

  • Define and smooth lashes for an even application without clumps. 
  • Flexible cotton fibers wrap around each lash like a tube to help thicken and curl lashes.
  • Build length for an instant lash extension effect.
  • Nourish and hydrate for longer, thicker, voluptuous lashes. 
  • Volume fiber enhance lash growth for a bolder look. 
  • Formula is easily removed, which is great to use on sensitive and fragile lashes. 
For best results, apply the volumizing black mascara first, and then finish with the lengthening fiber black mascara for those Double Trouble lashes.

A sleek silver cylindrical double ended mascara comes in a longish chic black box. One end has the voluminizing wand and the other end has the lengthening wand. 

Voluminizing wand

Lengthening wand
Review and Swatches:
I'm pretty pathetic in the lash department so a two-in-one was irresistable for 
me and a must-try. The voluminizing wand is straight and thin which makes it more flexible. It did not miraculously voluminize my lashes but worked great to separate my lashes and coat them well at the same time. It gave a certain definition to my lashes but nothing more. The lengthening wand consists of a spiral of longer bristles that nicely lengthened out my lashes, Yes the lengthening wand true-to-its-name did elongate my lashes though they kind of glued together if you can see in the 3rd picture. Afterwards I used the voluminizing wand again to separate out the lashes a bit [or you can use the zig-zag wiggling movement of the lengthening wand to separate out the lashes]. The amazing thing about this mascara is that it does NOT clump, there are no annoying bits of mascara that you have to remove with a q-tip or a tissue after applying your mascara. It dries out pretty quick which is another good point, not a big fan of wet mascaras. It did not really lift or fan out my lashes I still had to use a lash curler afterwards.
The combined results of both wands work really well. For me the difference was quite marked as you can see in the before and after shots. The only downside for me is that this mascara is NOT water-proof, on my teeny tiny lashes non-water proof mascara's tend to smudge giving me racoon eyes.
Overall I really liked the Lashem Double Trouble Mascara, inspite of it's non-waterproof quality I have been using it continually I love it's dual-purpose handiness!

L-R Bare Lashes, Voluminizing, Voluminizing + Lengthening

Price and Availability:
$19.99 on the Lashem Website

You can find them on Twitter and Facebook too.


Tell me what you think ladies?


Disclaimer: This was a PR sample sent for review and I've given my 100% honest views about it after using it.


  1. great review, I wish the volumizing wand did give more volume!

  2. I have become a fan of Lashem after using the mascara gel. Great post!

  3. It seems to be a nice product but my fave is still maybelline volume extra, no other mascara worked that well with my eyelashes. Maybe I'll try this one too! I am following back!

  4. nice mascara i have never heard of t before, great review

  5. Great review :) Even I feel its not too volumnizing!

  6. This is something that my lashes definitely need. Excellent review (:

  7. Great review lady! I love how you keep it honest and don't give every product the hottest score. I've been on the hunt for a very light mascara. I have naturally long/full eye lashes, so I just want something that locks them in place. lol

  8. Thank you for your comment on my blog:)
    You are very kind!;)

    A big kiss from Brazil!;)

  9. I can definitely see the difference in your lashes from the first to third pics. Whats nice is that this mascara doesn't look too 'heavy' but rather gives a more natural look. Spidery lashes are my worst nightmare! *cringe*
    Its a pity about the absence of waterproofing.

  10. Looks great hon!!!!!!! :)
    Thank you for ur sweet comment on my blog :)

  11. great review .. looks like a nice product ....

  12. Great review love the packaging

  13. Looks really cute...but I'm so totally sold on Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof. I've NEVER seen anything that so clearly lengthens, volumizes, and accentuates each individual lash! And it's the best waterproof I've tried too. Give it a whirl :)

    <3 Cambria

  14. It is not a glam mascara at all, but does a pretty good job for an everyday mascara.

  15. Rakhshan, hey girl, please accept this Cute Blog Award. :) You deserve it as much as I do.


  16. I like the packaging...it's nice and sleek! xoxo

  17. Thank you for sharing this ! amazing post, and really great blog :)
    What do you think, of following each other ?


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