Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Capri Face Wash [Review]

Capri is a well-known brand for us, actually an old household name, it's most famous products are the beauty soaps that have been a part of our lives for as long as I remember, this Face Wash is a recent addition to their product line. This was sent to me for review so finally I'm sharing my thoughts on it with you today! 

A light green squeezy tube with 100ml of product.

I'm not much of a face wash person, I'd rather go for twice a day cleansing, toning and moisturizing than using face washes, my skin is normal-to-dry and hence I have no oil problems to have to wash off every now and then. 
This Capri Facewash I've been using for quite some time now and I was pleasantly surprised because luckily I had a nice experience with it. It has a nice smell to it, made up of Cucumber Extracts and Aloe Vera, hence the scent is quite fresh and cucumbry!i It lathers famously, doesn't dry out my face or stretches my skin as most of the facewash-es tend to do in dry weather but makes my skin soft and supple to the touch, and did not break me out at all. 
It claims to maintain the skin's natural pH balance and I agree, this might not make it too ideal for Oily skins but it's no doubt a good product for dry skins.  
A bit I didn't like about the packaging is that because the product is too runny, you tend to spill the product unintentionally so my advice would be DO NOT open the lid with the nozzle pointing downwards or you would spill the product and waste it. Hold it upright as shown in the picture below and then open to pour out some. 

Price and Availability:
100ml tube is for PKR 145 and the 50ml tube is for PKR 80. Available in all superstores across the country.


Tell me what you think?

Disclaimer: This was a PR sample sent for review and I've given my 100% honest views about it after using it.


  1. This made me break out. I think it doesn't suit oily skin types. Great post though!

  2. quite affordable but wonder if its suitable for oily skins :-/

  3. I really like the scent and the clean feeling it gives but it broke me out really badly :(

  4. I do like cucumber scented products :) I'll have to try this next time I'm around :) x


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