Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back from the Dead!!

hey girls!!
Yes I've been off the grid for QUITE sometime. I left for a retreat, a badly needed one.
I was out of town on a vacation for health and kept away from the cyber world for a good two months but now I'm back and trying to catch up with everything that I've missed. 
So how have you all been? All well I trust.. 
I have been contemplating a blog change due to some unpleasant encounters with people who have nothing better to do with their lives than bully others and finally I gathered the courage to go ahead and change my blog to give me a certain amount of anonymity. I hope you guys wouldn't mind and I'd love to have your views on how you like the change. 
Hope to stay in touch with you guys from now on because everything I came across or bought these past two months I've been mentally making a list to review it for you when we got in touch:)
Much Love
Rakhshan (Rikki from now on) <3


  1. Welkum Back :) All the best for u :)

  2. Great to have u back on track. so not feeling right about any one who was the reason u kept away.
    All the best with the new beginnings..:)

  3. Now I know why. Thanks for coming back <3


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