Saturday, June 16, 2012

Random Things to Ramble about..

Some Random Rambles of mine after a long time indeed! I figured before doing any review or haul posts a traditional rambles post ( as it has been on my blog) was in order :o)

  • I've been out of town on a vacation for health basically;) to escape from the grueling heat of Karachi and to stay a bit with my mum and dad!<3
  • Unfortunately I missed a few blogger meet-ups that had been arranged in my absence and a chance to meet with the new beauty ladies:/
  • Many of you might not be able to recognize my blog anymore because of the layout and name change, but this rambles post might help to ring a bell:) Changing it all was not very pleasant but quite inevitable due to certain circumstances.
  • I wonder how full-time moms get time to blog!? Sometimes I wish I had a helper who could take and edit photographs for me [I hate the Editing part..urghh].
  • Sadly the LIKE button on my posts has gone missing for some reason I simply cannot fathom!! I had a hard time putting it in place the first time around and now I have to do that all over again:///
  • So what have you guys planned for the summer, any vacations or parties?
Tell me what you think?

P.S In the above picture is Adriana Lima sporting my favorite bag in the world, the Louis Vuitton Speedy!


  1. Replies
    1. thanks<3 it sure does feel good to be back:) x

  2. Oh Louis Vuitton!!
    Love them!
    check my blog if you want!

  3. Hi sweetly, it's so great to have you back, I have missed you and your blog! I am currently on vacation but will be back to posting proper comments when I get back next week

    1. Have a great vacay Hun!! looking forward to catching up:) x


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