Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sleek MakeUp Face Contour Kit: in Medium [Review + Swatches]

Today I'm finally posting a long overdue review on one of my most favorite makeup products that has become my HG product ever since I've started using it which was about six months or so back when I got it in my makeup Haul! The Sleek MakeUp Face Contour Kit in Medium.

Sleek MakeUp's Claim
A highlighter and pressed powder kit, which can be used to help sculpt and define one’s features. This product contains two powders.
The darker powder is used to create shadows on the face, such as defining the jaw line or contouring the cheekbones. The lighter powder is the highlighter, used to reflect light off the face and can be placed in various places such as the apple of the cheeks, the temple, the tip of the nose etc. 

A rectangular sturdy compact containing two powders and a mirror. The bigger square is a pressed powder of a dark matte color for contouring and the other lighter one is the highlighting powder.
It has an illustrated instruction booklet that comes along with it which can help you a lot if you're a beginner( I forgot to take a picture of that:/) There's no brush provided however which is just sad! :p

L-R Contouring Powder, Highlighting Powder

Contouring Powder [Matte]

Highlighting Powder

Review and Swatches:
This Face Contour Kit comes in three shades: Light, Medium and Dark. I wanted something that would work for me on an everyday basis as well as for creating some drama on special occasions hence at first I planned on ordering the dark one thinking that I might achieve the well sculpted look with it but after watching some videos on the Internet it seemed too dark for my skin tone and so I ordered the Medium one instead. 
Luckily it was just what I wanted and I'm now completely hooked!!
I've read reviews in which people complained about the contour shade being too dark in the medium one but according to me it totally depends upon your usage, the contour color's got to be dark in order to create a shadow where you apply it. It definitely is pigmented so build the color instead of dabbing it on plentiful in one go. You don't need a lot of product and hence this is going to last you a long time. Great value for money I would say!

With Flash

The powders are satiny and super blend-able, I've tried them with liquid foundations as well as stick foundation. It gives that natural contoured look to my face, cheeks, nose etc without any odd streaks.
The highlighting powder is a pearly gold with a fine texture, there isn't a lot of shimmer in it but gives a subtle highlight to the cheekbones, cupid bow etc. I personally am not a big fan of the highlight powder, it doesn't do much for me, I use a separate highlighter but then again it's just personal preference,and since I'm more than happy with the contour powder I'd definitely be repurchasing this when I run of it because I use it almost on a daily basis.
If you're very fair go for the Light one but as the contouring powder is red-toned it might not work as well as a cool-toned shade would for you. However to tone it down a bit just skip the blush! 

In White Light

Contour + Highlight + Blush 

Bare Face
Contour powder applied

Below are the swatches in White light, L-R Bare Face, Finished Look

Price and Availability:
14g of product for $10.00 on Sleek Website. I got it from Beauty Unleashed


I'll be getting another one as soon as I hit pan on this one!!:)

One of the winning products of Sleek MakeUp, what do you think girls? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to follow if you enjoyed reading xx 


  1. very beautiful product i like the highlighter

  2. I must get this on my next swap! :) What do you think of following each other?

  3. Hey, Rikki!
    Thanks galore for this post! Your review is very useful and clear! I've always wanted to learn how to work highlight and contour powders together to get a better make-up definition!
    María José

    1. Glad to know you found it useful:)

  4. I was wondering where had you disappeared to till I found out your new blog. :)
    This seems like a wonderful kit especially the highlight colour.

    1. yep it's good for a subtle illumination:) x

  5. Really? Is it just me or you have a new blog? I second with Shang. I am so following you now! I love the photos and the review is quite helpful :) xx

  6. Such a helpful review! The highlighter really looks lovely (: Following you now sweety.

  7. Love this product too specially the highlighter!! Awesome swatches and wow even with the bare face you look flawless MashAllah! :)

  8. This looks lovely! Great review. Love how you applied the product and show the end result with a blush! :)


  9. Awesome! Such a beautiful palette really pops out with the light shimmering effects.

    The contour shade matches my skin perfectly creating a very subtle contour-slimming effect on my face.

    I like blushers and highlighter. Convenient for travels and touch up! Highly recommended!Your blog is really heplpfull for me <3

    Thank You sweety <3 it


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