Saturday, August 4, 2012

My 5 minute face!

If you work and have to adhere to a strict schedule early in the morning I'm sure you don't have much time to spend on getting ready especially the MakeUp part. 

Moreover if you have kids to attend to as well then it's virtually impossible to successfully manage your time! 
My little one recently started school and I had a taste of what it's like to have a limited amount of time in which to prepare your child as well as yourself; or worse if your alarm clock fails to wake you up in time and that leaves no time for ANY makeup at all.
Hence I decided to do a post about my 5-minute face that has me ready at a moment’s notice to face anybody. These are 8 basic steps, and the products mentioned are the ones that I'm using these days and they're taking a fair amount of wear and tear!
so here we go:

Step 1: Moisturize and protect [SPF]
I skip the moisturize part, I know that is not good for my skin but honestly I can't stand it in the humid heat and hence mostly moisturize at night before bed. I directly go over to the sunblock part!

Neutrogena Ultrasheer Sunblock

Step 2. Conceal
Hiding those monstrous dark circles is a must to give me an awake and fresh look.

Golden Rose Liquid Concealor

Step 3: Set with pressed powder
A light dusting of my go-to setting powder, Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder with a dense blush brush.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Step 4: Blush
As it's the summer I use the right-most light Pink color mostly, it gives a nice and rosy natural flush to my cheeks. I sweep it on with an angled blush brush!

     JustGold 3-in-1 Blush Palette

Step 5: Fill in the Eyebrows
My favorite for the eyebrows, the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Black. I fill up the sparse areas of my eyebrows with it.

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil

Step 6: Eyeliner
This is an optional step but very important for me, I'm a total eyeliner person, I'd forego mascara but never my eyeliner. The one I'm using currently and about to run out of is the Diana of London Liquid Eyeliner in Black. 

Diana Of London Dip Eyeliner

Step 7: Curl lashes and apply Mascara
Next step curling my lashes and putting on some mascara, my favorite being the Maybelline Sky High Curves, it has a blend of all good qualities, non-clumping,lash defining and hence I find myself always reaching out for it!

Lash Curler and Maybelline Sky High Curves Mascara

Step 8: Lipstick/Gloss/Stain
During the day I go for neutrals and the NYX Megashine Lipgloss in Natural is a beautiful natural nude. It gives a nice glossy finished look to my lips!

NYX Megashine Lipgloss in Natural

And that's it! I'm done! 
When you read these steps they may seem like they would take longer but no its a very quick process and mostly depends on how quick your hand can move! For the past few weeks I've had quite a bit of practice with that! 

Let me know if you find this helpful and any tips that you may have for achieving a 5-minute face!



  1. Love this post. I pretty much do that same too and yes, sun protection is absolutely necessary :) xx

  2. Love your advice hun, I am all for the 5-minute-face! You've brought it down to such great and user-friendly tips, I am sure I will be able to achieve it. Sunblock and gloss are an everyday must for me

  3. aww thank you so much Sam <3 xx

  4. I do the same steps! I rarely apply blush if I am in a super hurry. I like the NYX gloss, its such a pretty color!

    1. yep I do that do, skip the blush when there's no time:)

  5. Great post!! I use the same sunblock too and I really love it! If I am really in a rush, I just slap on bb cream/ tinted moisturizer with a little blush and mascara and call it a day.


    1. yep I too use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream when I need a bit of coverage:)x

  6. Lovely products, I am a massive fan of the stay matt powder - use it everyday! ha

    I have just posted a video to my blog and would love it if you could check it out :


  7. nice daily regime! :)

  8. I need to star using foundation or concealer.. Thanks for sharing dear!


    1. if you have a flawless complexion then there might b no need:) thanks or visiting xx

  9. love this! very similar to my makeup routine :)
    just stumbled upon your cute blog, excited to follow along and read more! great beauty/fashion ideas :)


  10. Nice 5 minute make up post! :)
    I love the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Penicl, it looks good. :D

    I don't wear make up most of the time when I go out and do errands. But if I do wear go out and wear make up, it's quick, just put foundation, liner, mascara, setting powder and lip gloss <3 :) I should time myself next time I do my make up, lol, to see if it's 5 min. :D lol

    Thanks Rikki for your comment on my summer lust list post! :D

    Eliza :)

    1. anytime hun and thank you for sharing your routine and for stopping bye:) xo

  11. That's my everyday routine as well. Sometimes I use BB cream instead of sunblock. Great post xx

  12. Such a lovely post, I love your blog¡¡
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others:


    1. sure thing and thanks for stopping by!:)

  13. Your Blog is cute ♥
    If you have time you can also check out my blog,
    I just shared Buck the Bank Holiday I would love to hear your comment about the shoes.. Thanks Dear


  14. There are times when I'm really in a hurry,
    I just put some sunblock on
    and do everything else in the car.

    1. wow! how do you do that i can barely keep my hand steady for precision makeup in the car:p

  15. i use the same sunscreen!

  16. Hi doll, thanks for stopping by today :)

  17. heyy what a cute blog!
    mind to follow each others? let me know!



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