Sunday, September 2, 2012

August: Things I've been loving!

Since September has started I thought of blogging about my favorites in August! So here we go: 

1. Leopard print Sunglasses:
I'm totally into animal prints this season so it was imperative that I get myself a pair of animal printed sunnies as well. I checked out the branded stores like Mango and Accessorize at first. The few I found didn't suit my face shape and were expensive as well, IMO what's the use of buying a pair worth $100 or above when you'd probably lose them or your toddler would break them for you or maybe the mishap would occur right there inside your handbag! so I decided to look into the local stores and look what a perfect pair I found! They're not super huge or completely opaque either ,I 've grown out of that trend!!! plus I love the detail on the sides which is the matte metallic collage of rectangles.  

2. Maybelline Falsies Volume Express Mascara:[Read review here]
I used to think there was no hope for my beyond pathetic eyelashes, but then I got myself the Falsies and was pleasantly surprised and happy to discover that it sort of lengthened out my lashes and held the curl well, so there is really no need for too much curling afterwards which always results in my losing some lash hair. This has been my most used mascara since then and I'm loving it!

3. Revlon Lip Butter-Peach Parfait[ Read review here ]
I use this everyday, seriously every single day, it's a beautiful natural peachy nude color in a single swipe and I've been neglecting my lip balms and glosses over this, even though I was disappointed over the staying power but I can't help reaching out to it every time I need to go out especially during the day. It's great considering it's lip butter qualities especially the handiness and sanitary use; there's no need to dip your fingers into it, a simple twist up packaging plus the added benefit as a pigmented lipstick when you apply 4-5 swipes.

4. Elf Professional Blending Eye Brush:
I wish we got ELF easily available here in Pakistan! This blending brush as well as a few others have been my first ever products to use from ELF and the results have been great considering that it's such a low-priced brand. This brush is perfect for blending and using to apply eyeshadow into the crease, the bristles are really soft and dense even though this is from their $1 line and havn't shed on me either, not as yet though! 

5. Silver Dangling Flower Bangle
I've had this cute bangle for a long time, a sparkly silver flower dangling from three stacked bangles; but it came into my notice again when I saw a song video from the movie Love Ajkal ad discovered that Deepika is wearing the exact same thing in one of the scenes and that got me super excited. So out it came and has been my arm candy since then. 

6. Classics Nail Lacquer in 118
A hot neon pink that I'm wearing on my nails in this post. I feel it's the perfect color for summers and have been using it a lot, the brand is unknown and extremely low-priced which is the reason the applicator brush is a nightmare! But the color is so pretty that I had to get it.

7. Heart Diamante Earrings
These look really great when you put them on, the sparkle is amazing and it's simple enough to wear on a daily basis even to work if you want. I always include this in my outfit to add a bit of bling to my look. 

What were your favorites this past month?


  1. Revlon lip butter sounds really nice, I'd love it if you could share the photo of it. :)

    1. Have uploaded the review in my latest post!!:) x

  2. I love your glasses <3

    follow? ;p

  3. I love leopard print sunglasses :D
    I wore mine all the time this summer :P
    What do you think about following each other? :D

  4. nice pick girl.. and nail lacquer is so cool

  5. Love your favourites, I so need to get a classy pair of leopard sunnies too. The bangle and earrings are a lovely addition to your jewellery box. Wow, you have a good eye, how did you notice it in the movie? Have a great week ahead!

    1. lol i honestly don't know how i noticed it because the shot is hardly of a few seconds but i did!:) thanks a lot dear u too! x

  6. lovely post! these sunglasses look adorable!



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