Thursday, September 13, 2012

Karaja Rouge Cream Lipstick in No 204 [Review and Swatches]

This is a requested review, about my experience with the Karaja products! Karaja is an Italian brand that started in 1985 and boasts safe and effective formulas for their winning make up products. I feel they have some really nice lip colors and the range is great quality. So I decided to review a very pretty pink shimmery lipstick today.

Karaja Claims:
A lovely and voluptuous lipstick that gently glides on your lips, giving them endless softness and enhancing them with sensual shades.

A sleek silver cylindrical twist-up packaging. 

Review and Swatches:
Called the Rouge Cream Comfort lipstick, number 204 is a pretty hot pink color with loads of shimmer. It's got a creamy and glossy texture and glides on smoothly. Has great pigmentation, you get a good swatch of color on the first swipe. I love how it smells, kind of sweet but the smell vanishes after application so no bother there.

It's neither very moisturizing nor drying but a lip balm might be needed for over-chapped lips. Has a good staying power atleast 3 hours without eating or drinking. 

You can see how the swatch has tiny glittery particles, they're very conspicuous on the lipstick tube as well [see picture 3] one thing that really puts me off is that the silver glitter that won't leave your lips and surrounding region even when you cleanse it or as the color fades. That is the biggest con according to me with this particular lipstick color.

Overall these are nice lipsticks with decent pigmentation and longevity.

Price and Availability:
I got this from Ebco couple of years back so I'm not sure about the prices now, you can find this where ever Karaja booths are, like Agha's and Naheed Super market, I've seen one in Scentsation and the Karaja lipstick prices there were PKR 600-750.


Have you tried any Karaja lipsticks?


  1. Such a pretty color. Looks good on you xx

  2. Thankyou Rakhshan for the review :)... now i guess i should try a lipstick from this brand,and i like this pretty pink color..

  3. Hi darling, firstly thank you so much for your lovely comments, they mean a lot to me, you are too sweet! I liked the look of this lipstick even before I read the text, the colour is a sublime pink. In the tube, the glittery bits don't look too daunting, thanks for being honest about it when worn, I wouldn't like those tinselly things let on my lips either. happy Friday doll!

  4. color is so pretty and looking so good on your lips.. I think it has glitter chunks... isn't? and these are not leaving the lips.. it is bad ... nice review

  5. This is a great color! I love the shade.
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  6. i've never tried karaja lipsticks, but i think this is a pretty pink color! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  7. Woow! It likes a perfect lipstick!!

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  8. Thanks for your kind comment and CONGRATS!!! So happy for you, sent you an email...

  9. never heard of karaja. . . but love this review!!

  10. Lovely shade it really goes with your skin.Great swatches <3 it


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