Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hair love: Nina Dobrev in The Vampire Diaries!

Who doesn't like The Vampire Diaries! I've really enjoyed watching Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert and her doppelganger Katherine Pierce. Her hair is absolutely gorgeous and every girl's dream hair!

I love her thick, straight and silky hair which suits her really well. The soft layers give it lots of volume and body. According to Nina, she uses a lot of hair masks and treatments for her hair and takes special care of it which is no doubt the reason her hair always looks so luxuriant and beautiful.
In every scene of TVD her hair looks freshly blowed dried and straightened when she's in Elena Gilbert's character, with cute curls as Katherie Pierce in the 19th century and with lazy waves as the present day Katherine Pierce which makes it all the more amazing to watch! 
Couldn't help collecting some of the best shots from the series:

Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert

elena gilbert hair
As Elena Gilbert

As Katherine Pierce 19th Century

Present day Katherine Pierce

As Elena Gilbert

Do you watch TVD? What do you think about her hair?

*All images have been taken from Google


  1. her hair looks flat when straight, I like them curled, they way Katherine did.

    1. really!? i like them straight on her cz it suits her so well :)

  2. I don't watch TVD but she's gorgeous and so is her hair ! I esp like the 1st pic most ! xx

  3. I fully agree, Nina has the most beautiful and healthy looking hair! Wish I could create this look. Hang in there sweety...thinking of you.

  4. wow! Such a great pictures;)she looks sooooo pretty:) I've been visiting your blog since few weeks,
    I really like it, and now I'm follow you;))


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