Friday, February 15, 2013

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub [Review]

I bought this a month back to try, I've been using the Hollywood Style Face Polish as a scrub for a long time now probably five years; so I wanted to try out something new. 

There is not one particular reason why I picked this up, couple of reasons actually ,Clean & Clear belongs to Jonhnsons & Johnsons, a trusted brand, nice eye-catching packaging, gives 141ml of product and a facewash and scrub in one!
I like the packaging color and design, although the product is flowy and I don't like this kind of bottom opening tube packaging for flowy products like facewashes or shower gels etc because a lot of product tends to come out and gets wasted, I prefer bottle and the top pump packaging more.


My thoughts:
A transparent orange-tinged flowy liquid which includes scrubbing beads and bursting beads; the orange ones and whitish ones if you take a look at the picture above which according to Clean & Clear burst with energy and vitamins and help nourish the skin. Includes Vitamin C and Ginseng [ I searched it on Google and according to Wiki found out that it's a perrineal/seasonal plant and the roots are used for medicinal purposes as well as in cosmetic preparations, but has not been shown to be clinically effective] :/
The scent to me is 3/4 parts citrus and 1/4 part medicinal probably due to the Ginseng it contains.
The scrubbing beads are less in quantity so basically you can not entirely depend upon it for total exfoliation especially if you've been regularly using other scrubs and face polishes however it works well as a facewash and provides a fresh feel to my skin in the morning and literally "wakes me up" as it claims plus it is gentle on the skin and hence I use it everyday. It also claims to be oil-free and does not clog pores; a plus for the oily-skinned ladies out there but being blessed with normal-dry problem-free skin it worked fine on me. It didn't dry out my skin and also didn't break me out but then again very few products do if any at all.
The price is a little steep but if you don't want to compromise on your skin then I'd advice you to go ahead and try it. At Imtiaz Super Market Karachi  you get very good discounts on every item they stock which is the reason I got mine for less. Normally it costs about PKR 680-850.

Price and Availability:
I got this from Imtiaz II Super Market for PKR 595, Clean & Clear products are available at shops and super markets across the country and you can also get it from

Let me know your thoughts Girls!


  1. Wow. Great review. It's always good to see Pakistani girls on blogger :). Keep it up Girl!

    Maria Speaks Prada

  2. Sounds pretty good, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Aw I was expecting it to be more of an abrasive scrub, but it's great if you can use it daily. I get what you mean about the smell, it mustbe nice though x

    1. yes its nice but the medicinal tinge in the smell puts me off a bit!

  4. I love the face wash from the same range. Been using it for so long. xx

    1. yep i agree they have good skincare products!

  5. I use this as my daily face wash too, have to agree with you on most parts. Quite like it. :) xx

  6. sounds good thanks for lovely review xx

  7. I am not a fan of clean & clear, but yes I trust J&J, now I am using there exfoliating 3in1 face wash...will review soon but Thanks to ur review I am tempted for this one too:) I have oily/combination skin in summers...yeeeewwww!!!!

  8. I have the same face wash in a bottle form which i bought from michigan.. i didnt know here they are in tubes.... I will do a post abt it soon :) and yes it gives an amazing fresh feeling


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