Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Benefit Bella Bamba [Review]

Bella Bamba is one of the cult classic Box-o-Powders by Benefit, it was released in 2011. I got it in deluxe size which is about 3g, my very first Benefit blush! 

Benefit Claims:
"Release your Bella Bamba! The triple dimension of pink... brightening, sculpting & defining! Laced with shimmering gold undertones, this 3D watermelon blush is multidimensional to the naked eye... wear it on your cheeks or dust it lightly all over your face to look brighter, perkier, prettier!"

Full sized Benefit Bella Bamba  *image taken from Benefit website

The full size packaging is really pretty, a pink, orange holographic designed flip open box, with a mirror and brush inside, the sample size however is less impressive packaging wise, but the good part is it's easier to carry and not bulky like the full sized.

Benefit Bella Bamba

My Thoughts:
Bella Bamba is described as a watermelon pink and I agree it's definitely watermelon pink that has a gold sheen and shimmer with a bit of silver sparkle. It is absolutely gorgeous, the gold sheen combine with the pinky color to give very subtle coral undertones, atleast on my skin [check out swatch below]. I can compare it to the Accessorize Bronzing block in shade 3, Bella Bamba is more pink, with a pretty gold sheen [not too much like Sleek Rose Gold] but definitely has more pop and sizzle.

Benefit Bella Bamba 

The texture is smooth and finely milled, very easy to blend. It's a bit sheer on the first swipe, even though it appears quite pigmented, I had to swipe it 2-3 times on my cheeks for the color to show, for very fair alabastor skin tones it might not be the case. It gives a nice glowy, pink cheeked look to me and I adore that.

It has a sweet scent which I cannot exactly describe, candy sweet maybe, some refer to as watermelon-y , it vanishes after application. Stays well on a primed foundation base, about 4 hours on me in moderate to warm weather. However a word of caution for the very oily skinned girls the shimmer may accentuate the oily-ness!

I have so many coral and peach blushes that I desperately wanted to get some good pink blushes, when I found out about this mini I decided to give it a go, I've fallen for it big time and want to get the full-sized one now!

Bella Bamba has been compared to NARS Orgasm in the Beauty Blogging world, after looking at hundreds[ I believe] of swatches I have reached the conclusion that Bella Bamba is more pink, has more pigmention and less gold sheen than Orgasm. Check the swatches below:

Image Credits:  www.mykissenmakeup.com/2012

Benefit Bella Bamba

Benefit Bella Bamba
I've tried to capture the shimmer and sheen in the shot below:

Benefit Bella Bamba

Price and Availability:
I got this deluxe size from BeautyInBudget4u on Facebook for PKR 1100. Available at Sephora and Ulta stores in the US. Full size retails for $28.

I love this blush, it's a Keeper! 

Have you tried Benefit Bella Bamba? Did you find this review helpful?

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  1. I love this blush, was. one of my first benefit blush as well. the good thing is, the 3g lasts ages!

  2. I just recently got this, I love it EXCEPT the big bits of glitter in it. I wish it was more finer though, otherwise it's lovey! :)

    1. yes! the silver glitter specs are crude in such a finely milled texture! :) x

  3. Great review! It's actually great to get a deluxe and size first and try if the blush suits your skin tone. I'll keep an eye on that store from now on. ;) xx

  4. This looks so pretty! I really want to try Benefit Havana :)

  5. thanx alot for reviewing this i have been waiting for this review i have mac sring sheen n its gorgeous n i heard reviews that this is comparable to mac spring sheen... can you give your suggestion? thanx a lot

  6. such a gorgeous shade...looks lovely on you

  7. the comparative swatches really look alike if you remove the labels haha. love how cute the packaging for this is :)

  8. that shade is really gorgeous! Benefit blushes are really amazing, the cutest packaging too :) great review!

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
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  9. what a pretty shade, too bad it's not gonna work work oillies like me :(

  10. This is also a close shade to guipire in Lace by Sleek makeup I reviewed that do check it on my blog:)
    Loving it on u sweetie:)

  11. Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even on Lookbook if you want...just let me know :3 <3



  12. Looks like it would provide a nice, natural flush look! Pretty!

  13. After a long time i saw a blush swatch which appealed to me more then NARS orgasm.lovely.

  14. So pretty color :)

    Much love <3

  15. I love how versatile your blog is,looking at this blush for almost two years now.. and now I probably will buy it after watching ur blog!
    thank you for review! Seems delicious :)


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