Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Product Love: Purse Organizer!

My purse had always had a cluttered mess inside it, especially inside the big handbags, all my things would get jumbled up and I had to rummage around looking for things that just wouldn't be found, which frustrated me so much. BUT all that's history now!

I discovered the perfect solution for my cluttered bag which makes my life so much easier, a Purse Organizer! I also have a bad habit of forgetting things when I go out, this has helped me overcome that. Now all my things remain inside the organizer and hence I have everything with me whenever I go out and prevents me from losing anything.

Features of the Purse Organizer:
  • Compartments and Dividers to keep everything organized
  • Fits into most handbags
  • Expands to hold many items
  • Two big zippered pockets for change money or other personal items
  • Outside big covered pockets for sunglasses, mobile phone, etc.
  • Outside small net pockets for pens, lipsticks, hand sanitizer, lotions, keys etc that you can easily see
  • Inside small net pockets for small items

My Thoughts:
I'm not completely OCD but I tend to prefer organization to messy jumbles! When I heard about this Purse Organizer, it was on YouTube actually in a DIY video, I decided to make my own but then one thing came up then another and somehow I never got around to making it. So then I discovered this Facebook page by the name of Shakir's Collections and found these extremely useful Purse Organizers in 2-3 sizes and different colors which you can choose according to preference. I chose this lovely blue color!! Later I came to know that they have a brick store as well in Tauheed Commercial, I picked this up from there!
This one is a 16 compartment Purse Organizer which means there is plenty of room inside it for everything.
I keep the small items that usually ended up getting lost in my handbag, in the outer net pockets for easy access. You can fit everything in the compartments like Cell Phone, hand sanitizer, lotion, lipstick, pens and more such items. [See Above Picture]
You can keep your Sunglasses, Travelling wipes, Tissues etc in the outer covered pockets because they're a little bigger in size and these things fit easily inside them.
In the middle of the organizer you can keep your wallet, makeup bag, body spray etc and such bulky items because the best thing is it expands to hold items. Small net pockets line the middle as well, where you can keep teeny tiny bits and bobs like jewelery items, rings, hair clips, hair ties etc. There are two big zippered pockets which can hold money, change or other personal items which you would want to keep safe and hidden.
Another great feature, it has got two handles [See Picture 1 and 4] and you can hold it with the handles and pull it out from one bag and insert it inside the other! Previously when I wanted to change handbags, I'd empty all the contents of my handbag on my bed then toss them in the new bag, and consequently lose many items in the process or forgot some, Now I simply have to pull out my purse organizer from one bag and insert it in the other bag and viola I'm ready to go!:)

Price and Availability:
I got this from Shakir's Collections store in Tauheed Commercial, DHA Karachi for PKR 650, you can also find them on Facebook here and order from the online store.

I love this product! It saves precious time and keeps my things in place!<3

How do you organize your jumbled mess? You're welcome to share any tips!:)

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  1. Replies
    1. yeah:) every girl should have atleast one!! x

  2. This is SO cute! But, sad part is, it is only for BIG purses.

    1. actually it's available in a smaller size as well for small purses:) you should check those out! x

  3. nice review,, I have it in grey...

  4. oh you got it fro 650?i saw it on a website for 750.Great bargain for you.Would fit in a mommy bag perfectly.I m seriously thinking of buying one now.but maybe i will make it my self.:)

  5. This is exactly what I need for now!! Thanks for reviewing!!:)

  6. Awesome bag! So smart:)

  7. Love this idea of the organizer, purchased it as a gift for someone and she loved it. I just wish they would make smaller ones because not everyone of us carries bigger bags.

  8. this purse organizer looks like a great idea. And there's still time to enter my I ♥ Makeup giveaway!

  9. Shakir's collection has some really great storage and organizing solutions. This purse organizer is perfect for college/university girls as well.

  10. What a clever invention. Saw these in Primark last summer and made a mistake of not making a purchase. Must find one soon. :)


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