Monday, May 13, 2013

Cutey Shamballa Bracelets [Review]

I've been loving different kinds of bracelets and the stacking trend lately so when I got these gorgeous shamballa bracelets from  Cutey I was beyond delighted to try them out.

About the Shamballa Bracelet by Cutey:
Inspired by the mythical kingdom known as Sambhala in Buddhism, regarded as a place of peace and happiness our shamballa bracelets are designed to bring a little happiness to your life. Made from the highest quality materials and available in a range of sparkling colours, these fully adjustable bracelets will fit any wrist like a match made in heaven. All with a total of nine beautiful jewel encrusted clay beads.

Cutey Shamballa bracelets

Cutey Shamballa bracelets

Cutey Shamballa bracelets

Cutey Shamballa bracelets

Cutey Shamballa bracelets

Cutey Shamballa Bracelet stacked with my watch and other bracelet

My Thoughts:
These came in nicely wrapped in transparent plastic with the Cutey tag atached. I got two colors, a gold and white one and a red and white one. Both have black drawstring fastening mechanism which makes them adjustable, something which I especially look for in bracelets, being blessed with not too tiny wrists!

Very good quality with the thick black thread interlocking nine clay beads encrusted with sparkly jewels, in the beginning I had a hard time moving the strings either way but then after a couple of tries, it loosened up.

These are incredibly sparkly and look amazing in real life, the photos are not doing them justice in the above pictures. I love to wear the gold one with golden watches and bracelets and sometimes I'd just put on both for more color and sparkle. They come in a variety of colors that you can choose from.

Casual enough to be worn during the daytime and the blingy quality makes them ideal for the night as well. I wear it daily alongside my watch. The price may seem a bit steep to you but it's an extremely classy bit of jewellery to own and to gift to someone.

Price and Availability: 
You can get them at the Cutey Website for £18.99, they ship worldwide. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

Do you own any Shamballa Bracelets? xx

*Disclaimer: This was a PR sample sent to me for review and I've given my completely honest views about it.

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