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Nanshy Face Brush Set 5pc [Review]

A makeup junkie can never have too many makeup brushes and especially when they're such beauties that I'm going to review for you today. Well- priced, great quality makeup brushes are few and far between, and hence Nanshy has come up with this Face Brush Set to meet this market demand.

About Nanshy:
A new and recent UK- Based brand Nanshy which claims to bring you the best in cosmetic accessories by providing make-up artists and anyone who is concerned about their beauty state of the art accessories like brushes, cases, bags, eye lash curlers, and other quality cosmetic products at very reasonable prices.
Do not spend a fortune on other cosmetics when you can get very good affordable beauty products from us. We’ve launched as the go-to place for anyone who wants the best in quality cosmetics and accessories at a price you will smile about. Why settle for anything less than the best. 

Nanshy Claims:
This set of 5 kabuki brushes features:
  • thick handle
  • easy application of mineral, liquid and cream foundation
  • soft and dense synthetic bristles
  • easy to clean and storage
  • creates amazing velvety finish
  • buffs and blends very well
  • 100% cruelty-free

My Thoughts: 
The Nanshy Face Brush Set has five brushes that come with thick handles, white in color. The chunky handles make them easy to hold and maneuver. All the brushes are synthetic and 100% cruelty free! They can be easily cleaned/washed and I have not experienced any shedding at all. I've washed them several times and 0% shedding! How amazing is that?!
These brushes are well-made and dense, packed with soft bristles, which are incredibly soft to touch, black at the base and white at the tips which gives a high-end and professional look to these brushes. The white handles do get dirty pretty quickly but I'm bored with the regular black handle brushes and these are a refreshing change.
The design is very similar to Sigma brushes, especially to their Kabuki set. I've never used the Sigma brushes so can't do a comparison for you guys but from the reviews I feel Nanshy are up to par with them at almost half the price, the stout handles and rounded ends are very much alike, the color of the handles is white with the Nanshy logo embossed on it. However there are no numbers or names written on the brushes which I think Nanshy should include!
Let's look at the brushes one by one, first up is the:

1. Nanshy Flat Top Buffer Brush:
I use this brush to buff in my foundation, the bristles are very soft and packed together densely giving a smooth application and making it ideal for achieving a flawless complexion. I compare it to my elf Studio Powder brush that I use for applying foundation and it does an equally great job, if I need to apply face powder on top of foundation or on it's own this works amazing!

Nanshy Flat Top Buffer Brush

2. Nanshy Flat Angled Buffer Brush:
This is my favorite foundation brush in the set, it applies foundation like a dream, delivers an instant airbrushed effect to my face which I was awestruck to see for the first time I used it. The slanted head helps to reach different areas on the face easily. Can be used for contouring as well and for blending out cream blushes or bronzers but with a light hand as this brush is dense and picks up a lot product!

Nanshy Flat Angled Buffer Brush

3. Nanshy Round Buffer Brush:
This is my favourite brush for applying powder blush and sometimes bronzer as well. The head is very dense and bit stiff, the bristles are tightly packed together which gives precision and facilitates product application. It can also be used for cream blushes. This brush is again dense and picks up a lot of product so a light hand should be used while applying the product.

Nanshy Round Buffer Brush

4. Nanshy Angled Buffer Brush:
Incredibly good for applying bronzer or contour powder. The narrow slanted head fits into the hollows of the cheeks to create the perfect contoured effect. You don't even need to press it between your fingers for precision, it has just the right dimensions.

Nanshy Angled Buffer brush

5. Nanshy Pointed Brush:
The tapered head of this brush allows great application and blending of concealor around the nose and under the eyes, I also sometimes apply my foundation/tinted moisturizer with this because the pointed part really works around the contours of the face and blends the product well in those places.

Nanshy Pointed Brush

Price and Availability:
This Face Brush set retails for £34.95, the brushes can be bought individually as well for £9.95 each from BeautyStore4u or Amazon and you just might find them on eBay as well.
Find out more about Nanshy on their Website!

I'm in love with these! Reasonably priced must-haves for a makeup brush junkie! xx

*Disclaimer: This was a PR sample sent to me for review and I've given my completely honest views about it.

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  1. Looks great for the price. I quite like their white handles. x

    1. the white handles look so elegant even though they get dirty quickly! x

  2. Replies
    1. they are!! super soft to touch! :)

  3. Replies
    1. haha yeah they're absolute beauties :)

  4. They look so elegant and great review :-)

  5. Love these heard they are dupes for sigma. And great review :)

  6. Hi darling, this is a really impressive review. The brushes sound pretty amazing and it reminded me that I desperately need to get myself a set. The fact that it is cruelty free is another great factor! Thanks for your sharing your style insight with me and for all your wonderful words. May your week get off to a great start.

    1. thank you Sam, your comment always lift my mood :) these are infact an amazing set to get if you want flawless complexion and ease of use! x

    2. I will need a proper video tutorial from you first to figure out how to use each one, lol. I appreciated hearing your feedback on my last post :)

  7. These are lovely! Nice set <3

  8. These look super cute n after reading ur review m craving to have them

    1. yes I believe the white handles are responsible for the cute factor :)

  9. These look just like Sigma brushes! Great review :)

    1. thank you sara! yes they are :) x

  10. They look SO pretty! Excellent review!

    1. thank you Naimal, thanks for stopping by :)

  11. Never heard of them but they look amazing:)

    1. they're the best of their kind! :)

  12. Wow! all are Too Good now my eyes r on dis Want to try very soon <3 <3


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