Friday, May 17, 2013

RICH Pure Luxury Argan Colour Protect Shampoo, Conditioner and Moisture Leave-in Conditioner [Review]

Who doesn't want luxuriously shiny and healthy hair?! It's a wish ,a dream and an everyday struggle to achieve the ultimate great hair. When RICH Hair Care sent me the Pure Luxury Argan Colour Protect range to try I was so eager to try it out because it promises the goodness of Argan oil and protects the color, making it last longer.

RICH Hair Care Claims:
For luxurious, soft, smooth, shiny hair, infused with unique and luxurious argan oil, protects hair from colour fade.

RICH Pure Luxury Argan Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner

RICH Pure Luxury Argan Colour Protect Shampoo

RICH Pure Luxury Argan Colour Protect Conditioner

RICH Pure Luxury Moisture Leave-In Conditioner

My Thoughts:
First and foremost the things I love most about the RICH Hair Care products:

  • Contain UV, heat and colour protectors
  • Completely free from sulphates, parabens and Silicone Oil.

The packaging is dark mustard that I've come to recognize as RICH Hair Care's signature packaging color. 

Pure Luxury Argan Colour Protect Shampoo:
Easy to use bottom flip-open bottle. The consistency of the shampoo is thick and the color is pearlescent white. It lathers well and leaves the hair squeaky clean. Has a sweet fragrance that doesn't overwhelm the senses. I use it twice a week because my hair is normal-dry. However it is quite suitable for daily-use as well, being mild and full of nourishment for the color treated hair.

Pure Luxury Argan Colour Protect Conditioner:
The packaging is similar to the shampoo. The consistency is smooth like whipped cream, crisp white in color. It instantly makes my hair smooth and shiny, has an almost identical smell to the shampoo. I apply it to my hair and leave it for about 2-3 minutes before rinsing it out. The result is soft and manageable hair.

Moisture Leave-In Conditioner:
This bottle has a top pump mechanism and dispenses the product like a mist. Extremely light-weight like a regular hair spray I spray it on my hair when it's still damp from the shower, gently massage it into the hair as per instructions and leave it to dry. Leave-In products suit my normal-dry hair and likewise this conditioner tames my hair and keeps it smooth and soft for a long time. Doesn't weigh it down or make it greasy. I love using it on-the-go or when I'm in a hurry and there's no time to use a regular conditioner, it gives me soft and luxuriant hair in no time. 

I've been using dandruff shampoo for a long time and realized that it made my hair color fade quickly making my hair look dull, but ever since I got this range I've been using these regularly and my hair color is still fresh [it's been almost a month] and my hair looks full-er and healthy! 

Price and Availability:
The Shampoo and Conditioner both have 250 ml and the Leave-in Conditioner has 150ml of product and all are priced at 12.90€. Unfortunately they do not deliver to Pakistan but the entire range is available online here. You can also stay updated on their Facebook and Twitter.

Have you tried anything from the RICH Pure Luxury Colour Protect range? xx

*Disclaimer: This was a PR sample sent to me for review and I've given my completely honest views about it.

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